gelato in spring

Gelato in spring: what flavors should we expect?

Homemade gelato is a pleasure available all year round. However, in spring the gelato flavors are even more than in winter and it’s hard to choose. So, what flavors should we expect from gelato in spring?


The queen of spring fruit. The strawberry season is from April to June. In this period, strawberry gelato is one of the most popular. But strawberry is one of the fruits that is best suited to the preparation of desserts and to pairing with the most famous Italian desserts, including Tiramisù. Also, strawberries are perfect for granita, cheesecake, custard tarts, and so on. Italy is the first country in Europe for strawberry production, in particular Basilicata region.

Two Sizes (Via del Governo Vecchio, 88) – one of the best strawberry Tiramisù in Rome. The delicious mascarpone cream pairs perfectly with the Savoiardi biscuits soaked in strawberry juice and the pieces of fresh strawberries. Come with us to try it during our Espresso, gelato and Tiramisù tour!


Strawberry sorbet should have a bright red color


The melon season runs from May to September. Its refreshing flavor is perfect for spring, when the first warm weather begins, but especially in summer, because melon is also perfect for granitas, smoothies and fruit salads. The Cantaloupe melon is perhaps the best known. In fact, with orange pulp, the harvest begins in May and is produced right in Cantalupo, a village in the province of Rieti. Yellow melon is also called winter melon precisely because of the months in which it is harvested, between September and December.

Gunther ice cream (Piazza di S. Eustachio, 47) – One of the most famous gelato shops in Rome that prepares incredible and always seasonal fruit sorbets. The melon flavor is one of the best around. This is why Gunther is one of the choices for our food tours!


Cantaloupe is the variety of melon the most used for gelato


It is a classic of the spring season, when the main lemon flowering time arrives. April and May, are the perfect months for the harvest of the lemons that flowered a year earlier, and it represents the most abundant harvest. Often in gelato shops you can find particular combinations with this citrus fruit. Such as lemon and basil, or lemon and ginger. 99% of lemon production in Italy is concentrated in the south. The first region is Sicily and immediately after comes Campania. For gelato, the two most used varieties are those from Syracuse and those from Sorrento.

Otaleg (Via di S. Cosimato, 14a) – Marco Radicioni, master gelato maker of the famous Otaleg, created a revolutionary lemon flavour, apparently simple, by removing the water from the gelato. Water is generally the fundamental element for the preparation of sorbet gelato. Despite everything he manages to obtain a creamy and delicate lemon gelato. Since the process is very delicate and complex, Otaleg lemon gelato is only produced on a few days and in small quantities. Come on our tour and try it with us!


Lemon is an ingredient that pairs easily with tons of other flavors


Starting from May, and throughout the summer, peaches arrive in local markets and in our homes. Among the best known and the less known that are part of small productions, in Italy there are 15 different varieties of peach. They differ in color, both of the skin and of the pulp. The most common is the yellow peach: juicy pulp and sweet flavour. The white peach is more fragrant and has an even juicier pulp than the yellow one. The nectarine, also called pesca noce in italian, is the most appreciated by those who cannot tolerate the fuzz of the skin of other varieties. The nectarine is crunchy and tasty. Among the lesser known ones is the mount Etna snuffbox peach, a protected variety, with its typical flattened shape.

Fior di luna (Via della Lugaretta, 96) – one of the most requested flavors in this small shop in Trastevere is peach. Whether yellow or white, the peach sorbet here is always one of the best around. The peaches used vary depending on the availability of the period and the markets in which the master gelato maker Eugenio Morrone purchases the seasonal fruit.


All varieties of peach are suitable for a perfect gelato


The collection of flowers and leaves takes place at the end of April and May. Elderberry is widely used in Italian cuisine and we can find it throughout a lot of recipes of the country. It is not only suitable for gelato, granita or sorbet, but also for adding flavor to various savory preparations, such as focaccia and bread. As for gelato, it is perfect with lemon, mint or even yogurt.

Fata Morgana (Piazza degli Zingari, 5) – one of the best gelato shops in Rome, 100% homemade, with six shops in the city. Here, imagination reigns supreme. For exemple, flavors such as avocado, lime and white wine, or Kentucky tobacco chocolate are just some of the experiments of the gelato master of this incredible place. Elderflowers are often present in some of her creations, which vary often. Join us on our pizza tour to taste this amazing gelato!


Elderflowers have a particular and very fragrant aroma, perfect for gelato