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The Italian Risotto. Let’s see where to eat the best in Rome!

The Italian Risotto: a dish originally from northern Italy but now representative of the whole country. Let’s see together where to eat the best risottos in Rome (in our opinion), and discover the story behind the dish. Before Risotto: the origins of rice in Italy We can say with certainty that the origins of rice […]

The Italian Laced Coffee: a ritual that combines coffee and liqueur

The Italian laced coffee is what we need after the great binges of Easter and Easter Monday! The perfect ritual to work off all the holiday delicacies and enjoy the amazing aroma of the coffee and the personality of the liqueur. The origins of Italian laced coffee An all-Italian habit for about a hundred years. […]

Easter in Rome: breakfast, lunch and traditions

From the supermarket, through the kitchen and then finally at the table! Let’s celebrate with the traditional Easter breakfast and discover together which typical products we need in Rome. The Easter breakfast in Rome After Christmas comes Easter. This is another important moment of the year for us Italians, which invites sharing. And we know […]

World Water Day. Let’s find out which are the most famous Italian mineral waters!

Celebrating World Water Day 2024! Let’s find out together which are the most famous Italian mineral waters and also what happens in Rome, the city of fountains, on this special day. World Water Day In 1992 the United Nations established this. Obviously, the main objective is to raise awareness, among each of us, regarding the […]

World Tiramisù Day! Let’s see where to taste the best Tiramisù in Italy

Much has already been said about the origins of the most famous Italian dessert. For World Tiramisù Day 2024, let’s see together where to taste the best Tiramisù in Italy, and also some other creative variations of this amazing dessert. The best Tiramisù in Italy Every self-respecting restaurant, from north to south, must include Tiramisù […]