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Cooking experiences.
The great wine game.
Food treasure hunt.
Pizza game building.


Establish a relationship of trust and empathy among the members, rediscovering dynamism and collaboration, gaining the right approach to problem solving, getting in touch with local mood activating creativity and cooperation.


Guided by professional and passionate staff of foodies, sommeliers, chefs team building programs provides amazing relaxing time stimulating coop.

Team building is particularly helpful for newly created groups, in order to :

  • Establish a relationship of trust and empathy among the members
  • Rediscovering dynamism and collaboration.
  • Regain the right approach to problem solving
  • Get in touch with local mood activating creativity and cooperation.
  • Optimizing visit timing while enhance team working

Customize your group dinner and lunch with activities! There is no better way to make members socialize involving gaming, creativity and cooperation.

LUXURY RESTAURANT: Taking advantage from our special Agreements with top rated restaurants, enjoy interactive guided dinners by food connoisseurs/sommelier/chefs. Chef welcome at the table. Menu selected on traditional food with innovative approach.
EASY GOING TRADITIONAL RESTAURANT (TRATTORIA): easy-going traditional restaurants offer a friendly and authentic vibe to the group. Selection of restaurants based on quality, tradition and friendly style. Selected menus focused on traditional recipes.
IN THE VINEYARD (OUTSIDE OF ROME): Family wine-makers will host the group, opening cellars and explaining wine making process, guided wine tastings and amazing relaxing time.
PRIVATE OPTION FOR FOOD TOURS OF ROME: All our regular experiences can be booked on private and guided in different languages.
Walk the city discovering artisans, groceries, restaurants, food and culture.
TRUFFLE HUNTING (OUTSIDE OF ROME): let’s take a trip in the countryside and play a truffle hunting with dog, learning tasting truffle technique and rewarding best hunting style.
PIZZA GAME: cooking pizza class with a theme competition
TOP SECRET EXPERIENCE: wine, food and art experience. Discovering life and works of Caravaggio, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, wine and food history at the time, with tasting. Upgrade possible with top secret location opened exclusively for the group.
EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: discovering the world of Extra Virgin Olive oil, how to make it, how to select it how to taste it appreciating quality and food pairing in an engaging 2 hours class. Upgrade possible with excursions to producers and lunch /dinner in the countryside.
THE GREAT WINE GAME: Organized in themes, group members will challenge in a competition that will allow them to explore taste, aromas and varieties of wine in Italy. Play, taste and enjoy.