eat what you want day

Eat What You Want Day! The tastiest Italian foods

May 11th is the eat what you want day. It’s about having one day a year of eating with no regrets. Let’s see together what the tastiest Italian foods are.

Eat what you want

May 11th is the day dedicated to feeling free to eat what we prefer. At least for one day a year, without regrets. In fact, the Eat What You Want Day is an anniversary that aims to reflect on the obsession with weight and the acceptance of one’s body. It is not right to turn into a constant worry our relationship with food, but it is important to re-establish a balance between mental and physical health. For this reason, eating healthy is essential, but even sporadic indulgences are considered essential to live the relationship with nutrition a serene journey.

street food

Street food is one of those foods perfect for the Eat What You Want day.

The tastiest Italian foods

Italy is one of the favorite destinations for tourists precisely when it comes to good food. Indeed, when asked why do you want to visit Italy?, most people just answer because of the food and the wine. So, what are the tastiest Italian foods that you just can’t give up, especially during this special day? Let’s see together, region after region, from north to south, some of these Italian gastronomic wonders.

italian food

Italian food is one of the tastiest in the world.


Milanese Risotto – also called Yellow Risotto due to its golden colour, thanks to the saffron used in this famous dish. The original recipe involves the use of butter and veal marrow. Definitely not a light dish but certainly very tasty.

Veal Milanese breaded cutlet – Symbol of Lombard cuisine, it is a slice of veal loin on the bone, breaded and fried in butter which is then poured over the cutlet, before serving it, to give it greater flavour.

cotoletta alla milanese

The Milanese cutlet must always be on the bone


Tiramisù – Despite the controversy over the birth of the most famous Italian dessert, between Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto, it seems that Tiramisù was born in Treviso, a city in the heart of Veneto plain. And what’s tastier than a soft mascarpone cream expertly combined with ladyfingers and coffee?


Tiramisù is among the tastiest desserts in the world.


Tajarin with white truffle – This is a finer but firm typical Piedmontese tagliatelle. The dough is made with eggs and flour. Once cooked, the tajarin are sautéed in a pan with butter. The final touch is given by the grated white Alba truffle. This is the typical Piedmontese truffle, as well as one of the most precious ingredients we have in Italy.

Emilia Romagna

Lasagna – Wide and flat sheets of fresh egg pasta, ragù and béchamel. Dish par excellence of Emilian cuisine and one of the most famous in the world. Lasagna Bolognese is a masterpiece of taste and flavours. A perfect complete dish to celebrate this special day.

Gnocco fritto – In Modena it is called gnocco fritto, that means deep fried gnocco. In Bologna the name is Crescentina, while in Parma torta fritta, fried cake. The variant most faithful to the original gnocco fritto is the Modena one. It is a mixture of flour, salt, sparkling water and lard. Lard appears both in the dough and for frying the gnocco. It is then served with cured meats and cheeses. An explosion of flavors!

gnocco fritto

The typical fried gnocco from Emilia Romagna.


Lardo di colonnata PGI – Produced in Colonnata, in the province of Massa Carrara, it is a product made in Tuscany. This is the fat from the backs of selected pigs, salted and matured in marble basins. It seems that it was one of the favorite food of Michelangelo Buonarroti. Indeed he used to take advantage of the trip to those areas to recover the marble and stock up on lardo di colonnata.


Carbonara – Despite the controversy over the paternity of Carbonara, we can be sure that there are three fixed points. Guanciale, the cured pork cheek, and never bacon. Pecorino Romano cheese and not Parmigiano. Spaghetti or mezze maniche are both fine, the important thing is that the pasta is al dente and has enough black pepper. A pleasure not to be missed.

Maritozzo – typical Roman pastry dessert. It is a small puff pastry brioche, filled with whipped cream. The history of Maritozzo has ancient roots and is still one of the Romans’ favorite desserts today.


Carbonara is one of the typical Roman dishes perfect for celebrating this day.


Fried pizza – Queen of Neapolitan street food. After the war it became one of the most consumed foods. In fact, because of shortage, fried pizza gave the feeling of greater satiety. In the past it was filled with what was available. Today you can find pizza fritta stuffed with mozzarella and tomato, or even ricotta and ham.

pizza fritta

Fried pizza has different shapes and fillings.


ArancinoSicilian street food specialty. It seems that the first to mix rice with saffron were the Arabs, during their domination of Sicily. In Catania they call it Arancino, while in Palermo is Arancina. The original variant is the one with tomato sauce and ragù, even if there are plenty of other flavours. Try all of them!

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