Sorbetto gelato ice-cream

Sorbetto or Sorbet recipe: we’re all in love with you!

Sorbet recipe is amazing.

Are you missing Rome and its flavours? Sorbet will make you feel here in a snap, try our recipe.

Sorbet is the most refreshing gelato you can try.Sorbetto gelato ice-cream
During summer season, local people never miss to enjoy this ice-cream style.
Sorbet is above all, a water-based gelato.
Preferably made with fresh fruit, or coffee.
Suitale for vegan, vegetarian or intolerant to lactose.
With a low calories amount, is a great way to close a meal, or to take a fresh snack in the very hot Italian summers.

Did you know it was served for the first time at the wedding banquet of Caterina de Medici?

The granddaughter of the powerful Master of Medici’s family, become queen of France.

As a very elegant and refined lady, she introduced, many innovations at the court of Paris. As example the use of the fork, tablecloths and many new recipes.

Caterina was a great politician and smart woman, every happening organized by her was perfectly organized to surprise guests.

In conclusion, she choose peach gelato, a sorbet recipe as a dessert for her wedding party. Introducing and starting a new food trend that become popular all over.

Above all, she was a great influencer, as we could say today.

Try to make an amazing dessert at home, following this recipe:


  • 250 gr (8,81849 oz) seasonal fruit (better if organic)
  • 125 ml (0,528344 cups) water (from bottle)
  • 5 ml (0,0211338 cups) lemon juice (fresh)
  • 70 gr (2,46918 oz) white sugar
  • 55 gr (1,94007 oz) brown sugar


Blend all very well until you get a smoothie without pieces. Verse in the gelato machine until you reach a mat colour on surface

  1. Wear your headsets with “Dolce vita” theme on
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Enjoy a 5 minutes Italian mood
  4. Go to book your next holiday


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