Sorbetto gelato ice-cream

Gelato or Ice-cream? discover the difference

Gelato and ice-cream are not the same. Discover the difference

Different in taste, ingredients and quantity of fats and air inside, gelato is a really healthy food.

Did you know? during summer season Roman people love to substitute the enire lunch with a big gelato.

This recipe is dated in history. In ancient times people were already making a recipe including ice or snow and fruit juices. The ancient arabs had a way to name the recipe: “Sherbet” therefore, the name “sorbetto” sorbet, comes from them.

Certainly, to talk about gelato we need to wait the introduction of sugar in the food making. Popularity of the recipe is however due to a very important lady of the time: Caterina de Medici.

It seems to be that she was the one to serve gelato to her guests during her wedding party. Moreover she was merrying not a common guy, but the King of France in person.

That was the beginning of a very refined style connecting politics, power and taste. Peach sorbet, this was the magical dessert Caterina offered. A great success.

Nowadays gelato is one of the most beloved dessert worldwide. Anyway the industrial one and the artisan made one are playing a totally different game.

Not considering the industrial one, there is a big difference, anyway between artisans making quality and others. Quality gelato starts from quality ingredients and the difference can be huge!

A quality artisanal gelato involves so expensive ingredients and ability to balance that is something for experts only.

Do you know why artisanal gelato melts slowly than ice-cream?  And that water-based gelato is is what we call Sorbet?

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