Let’s discover the best pistachio gelato in Rome: celebrating the World Pistachio Day!

Celebrating the World Pistachio Day: let’s discover this delectable specialty in the best gelato shops of Rome.

The ancient origins of pistachio:

It is the most loved and versatile dried fruit, in pastry-making, with gelato, and in savory dishes. Pistachio is native to the Middle East. In fact, it comes from Persia and Turkey. Then, it settled in Sicily, too. Eastern populations, such as the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Jordanians and the Greeks, already knew this plant, indeed. The word pistacchio appears for the first time even in the Old Testament of the Bible. The roman Governor of Syria brought it to Italy around 30 AD. However, at that time, people still had no idea how to make use of this fruit. Essentially, it was with the Arabs that the cultivation of pistachios increased, when they arrived in Sicily in the 10th century. Originally people used it as a healing plant and antidote against poisonous animal bites. As well as an aphrodisiac.

pistacchio di bronte

The Pistachio plant is one of the most ancient.

His Majesty the Bronte Pistachio:

In Italy, pistachio grows in particular on the slopes of the volcano Etna, in the city of Bronte. Here, the soil is volcanic and it favors its growth. The Bronte pistachio is one of the most prized varieties. In fact, compared to the regular pistachio, these fruits are smaller, tastier and emerald green in color.  It blooms in April and the harvest is between late August and early October. Its characteristic is the high chlorophyl content, which is why it is greener than the others. The flavor is also stronger. Indeed, its characteristics are unique in the world, thanks to this special soil. But also thanks to the evenly frequent lava flows. Basically it’s the superhero of the dried fruit!

pistacchio mortadella

The pizza bianca with mortadella and pistachio is a must in Rome.

The perfect pairings with pistachio:

Let’s get in the kitchen and see how to use pistachio and what the perfect combinations are!

For the savory

Mortadella from Modena. One of the perfect combinations in Italy is mortadella with pistachio. In Rome we slice it very thinly and we put it in the Roman white pizza (pizza bianca) . Where to enjoy a crunchy pizza bianca with mortadella? Obviously, at the Antico Forno Roscioli!

Guanciale (Cured pork cheek). So, Pistachio is perfect for preparing excellent first courses and usually paired with guanciale or pancetta. Pasta with guanciale, pecorino romano and pistachio… Delicious! When in Rome, try the Roman guanciale and pecorino romano in the ancient Salsamenteria Ruggeri.

Salmon/tuna. For a fish main course, pistachio pairs divinely with salmon or tuna steaks. In these cases pistachio is used in the breading.

gelato al pistacchio

Pistachio gelato is one of the most loved, by adults and children.

For the sweet

Ricotta. This combination is actually perfect in both sweet and savory preparations. The shortcrust tart with pistachio cream and ricotta is the perfect dessert for a rich breakfast. Above all, don’t forget the marvellous Sicilian Cannoli covered with pistachio grains.

Gelato. Within the panorama of Italian artisanal gelato, pistachio gelato is undoubtedly a great classic. But it is also the most popular. In fact, is an evergreen that get everyone to agree. Pistachio flavor is a must in every gelato shop.

gelaterie a roma

An authentic pistachio gelato must respect the real colour of the fruit.

Where to eat the best pistachio gelato in Rome:

In Rome there are some of the best gelato shops in Italy, also mentioned by Gambero Rosso, the world’s authority on Italian food. Let’s discover them together:

Otaleg. Top quality ingredients for a pistachio sorbet out of this world, made with just a drop of water. (Via di San Cosimato, 14a)

Gunther gelato. Their Mediterranean Pistachio is one of the best. (Piazza di Sant’Eustachio, 47)

Fior di luna. One of the creamiest gelato in the city. Little sugar and lots of flavor. Sicilian pistachio is amazing. (Via della Lungaretta, 96)

Fata Morgana. The names of the flavors are reminiscent of magical potions. Simple ingredients but original combinations. (Piazza degli Zingari, 5)

Neve di Latte. Exclusive DOP and DOC certified ingredients. (Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 140)

Gelateria Fassi. The oldest gelato shop in Rome. Ancient family-run gelato shop. (Via Principe Eugenio, 65)

Can we agree that pistachio is a super ingredient? Come and try one of the best pistachio gelato in Rome with us!