World Tiramisù Day! Let’s see where to taste the best Tiramisù in Italy

Much has already been said about the origins of the most famous Italian dessert. For World Tiramisù Day 2024, let’s see together where to taste the best Tiramisù in Italy, and also some other creative variations of this amazing dessert.

The best Tiramisù in Italy

Every self-respecting restaurant, from north to south, must include Tiramisù on its menu. However, we can’t always be sure of the quality of the dessert we are ordering. So, let’s see together where to taste the best Tiramisù in Italy.


L’Ile Douce (Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 15). A french guy in Milan. Both in cake and single-portion versions.

Fusto (Via Amilcare Ponchielli, 3). It’s a laboratory but also a pastry shop of the super pastry chef Gianluca Fusto.

Clivati (Viale Coni Zugna, 57). Since 1969. Indeed, a beautiful place where to stop having a cup of tea and a piece of Tiramisù.

Sant Ambroeus (Via Giacomo Matteotti, 7). Since 1936. A very well-balanced Tiramisù with two layers of savoiardi biscuits.

tiramisù cream

The cream of the Tiramisù needs to be very smooth and creamy, of course!


Antica Pasticceria Nascimben (Piazzetta della Torre, 8). Top quality ingredients and preparations.


Pirona 1900 (Largo della Barriera Vecchia, 12). Historical place where also James Joyce used to visit.


The Tiramisù of the popular Pirona 1900 pastry shop, in Trieste.


Douce Genova (Piazza Matteotti, 84r). A wonderful place in the center of Genoa, where to have a quick lunch and of course breakfast.


Gino Fabbri Pasticcere (Via Cadriano, 27). Gino Fabbri is a master pastry chef and his Tiramisù is a piece of heaven.


Two Sizes  (Via del Governo Vecchio, 88). The super famous Tiramisù To Go. Here you can taste also the pistachio, the strawberry and the peanut butter Tiramisù, togheter with the classic one.

Pasticceria Regoli (Via dello Statuto, 60). Historical roman pastry shop where to find a delicious Maritozzo and the classic Tiramisù.

Pasticceria De Bellis (Circonvallazione Gianicolense, 224). Creativity is the key word of this amazing place. The Savoiardi biscuits are 100% home-made.

Roscioli Caffè (Piazza Benedetto Cairoli, 16). Where to have one of the best breakfast in Rome. They make a mascarpone cream smooth as the velvet.

Casa Manfredi (Viale Aventino, 91). Here you can be sure to drink one of the best coffee in town. And Tiramisù, of course!


Casa Infante (Via Toledo, 258). This is not just a pastry shop but also a Gelato shop. Tiramisù and other traditional naples style desserts are to die for.

casa infante

The Pistachio Tiramisù of the popular Casa Infante pastry shop, in Naples.

Some variations of Tiramisù

The Tiramisù World Cup takes place every year in Treviso, a city of Veneto region. It is a competition that has become very famous and now is in its eighth edition. Anyone can participate. Indeed, the only requirement is not being a professional. The competition is divided into two categories: Classic Tiramisù and Creative Tiramisù. So, speaking of creativity, let’s see together some imaginative variations among those invented over the last few years. Maybe, like this, we’ll tickle someone’s imagination, encouraging him to try his hand at preparing an amazing Tiramisù and participate in the next Tiramisù World Cup contest!

The craziest Tiramisù

Stregamisù – an invention of Marina Summa, the World Champion of Creative Tiramisù 2022. She added the famous Strega liqueur to the mascarpone cream in balanced doses, so as to keep a balanced flavor. Then, instead of granulated sugar she decided to put icing sugar, because melts better with the mascarpone and gives a note reminiscent of white chocolate. One of the best Tiramisù in Italy!


The Stregamisù, the winner as the most Creative Tiramisù 2022.

Tiramisù and Gorgonzola – a super combination of the famous sweet Gorgonzola cheese and mascarpone, with the addition of black cherries in syrup.

Kadayif Tiramisù – created by the representative of the Tiramisù Club Turkey. In other words, it is a covering of toasted and chopped phyllo dough.

Bellezza Verde (Green Beauty) – tiramisù with the addition of mint syrup, mint chocolate and pistachio paste. Essentially a real Green Beauty!

Radicchiomisù – a special combination of Treviso radicchio compote and a light addition of Maraschino liqueur. Weird? Rather, delicious!

Tropical Tiramisù – an exotic note with diced mango and cloves aroma.

tiramisù variations

There are plenty of different variations of Tiramisù recipe.

The most bizarre shapes of Tiramisù

Su Tirami – a creation of the winner of the Benelux Enterprise Award 2022. In fact, this is a total deconstruction of the classic Tiramisù. The sponge cake and coffee jelly form a roll, just like a sushi roll.

Tiramisù pralines – in this case only the shape of the classic dessert has been modified but the ingredients remain the same. Created by the founder of the Tiramisù Club California, these are Tiramisù pralines that look like chocolate truffles.

Four fun facts about Tiramisù

– The word Tiramisù is among the ten most well-known Italian words abroad. And, it’s also one of those Italian untranslatable words, like pizza, cappuccino or spaghetti.

– World Tiramisù Day is a fairly recent initiative, created in 2017 by food writers and journalists Clara and Gigi Padovani.

– During the Tiramisù World Cup, a contest held every year in October, the Creative Tiramisù category never competes with the Classic Tiramisù one, but in a separate category. Because, remember guys! The classic Tiramisù recipe is sacred!

– Tiramisù is the most ordered dessert by Italians, both online and in restaurants. Furthermore, it is the most searched and clicked on Google. In particular near the holiday season, when many of us try their hand at preparing this dessert.

cooking class

Tiramisù cooking class is always a funny and enjoyable time!

So, what are you waiting for?! Why don’t you come with us to enjoy one of the best Tiramisù in Rome? Or, if you prefer, learn the secrets of preparing this much-loved dessert during one of our cooking classes. We are waiting for you!