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What dessert should I bring? Let’s see what is the perfect dessert to bring to a dinner

The question is always the same: what dessert should I bring tonight? It’s not easy to choose. Let’s see together what is the perfect dessert to bring when they invite us to a dinner, to be the super guest.

For a formal dinner:

Have we been invited to an important dinner, with people we don’t know and in a formal and elegant environment? Or maybe at a business dinner? Our intuition might make us believe that a spectacular dessert, from a well-known or trendy pastry brand, would be the perfect dessert to bring to a dinner like this. Unfortunately, the etiquette of dinner invitations, called Galateo, warns us. For such an occasion we should not bring food. This is because the hosts have already organized the dinner, so bring a dessert could be inconvenient. Green light instead for wine, obviously a high quality one. However, always choose a sparkling wine or a liquor, since we don’t know the dinner menu.

informal dinner

When they invite us for a dinner, to bring a dessert it’s not always a good idea.

For an informal dinner:

In the case of an informal dinner, we may think ourselves that everything is simpler… And well, that’s not the case! The situation gets complicated if they invite us, for example, for a dinner and we don’t know the other guests. In fact, we can’t be sure which dessert to bring. We do not know the tastes of others, as well as any possible allergies or intolerances. It would therefore be better not to embark ourselves on pastry chef challenge, and make a Tiramisù that nobody may not appreciate. You can therefore opt for artisanal Gelato. But be careful to choose just classic flavours, possibly even lactose free, for any intolerants. If you want to be original buy the Sanpietrino Gelato, the specialty of the super famous roman gelato shop Fassi!


Gelato is the perfect choice when we don’t know other people tastes.

For a family dinner:

This is our favorite dinner invitation! Let’s face it! Whether with your family or with your closest friends, here we can be at ease and choose what we want. In fact, in this case, we know well the tastes of our dear ones, and we know what they like and what they don’t. The choice is wide, we can be sure that in Italy there is no shortage of desserts. You can also bring a bottle of sweet wine for the pairing. But now, let’s see together which are the most popular Italian desserts to bring.

The Sunday tray

Also called Sunday Pastarelle. It’s part of our tradition. The typical golden paper tray, wrapped in colored paper and curled ribbon, full of a mix of different types of petit fours. In past years it was a real Italian custom but today it is dying out a bit. However, it remains a characteristic of Italian Sundays. In this mix it can’t miss the Diplomatico, the Cannolo, the cream puff (Bignè) with granulated sugar and the zabaione cream. In case of children, we also choose those with chocolate or strawberry icing. And let’s not forget the typical Barchette, the custard boats with fruit!

italian petit fours

The Italian Sunday tray of pastries is the perfect mix of desserts to bring.


This is a must in every Italian family. Whether with jam or chocolate cream, the Crostata is an excellent end to a meal that can also be enjoyed as an afternoon snack. Crostata is the shortcrust tart, the tyipical grandma’s cake. In Rome, a popular recipe is the Roman Crostata with ricotta cheese and sour cherry jam. A bite of heaven!

Maritozzo with whipped cream

Typical Roman dessert. This sweet sandwich filled with whipped cream is the most loved not only by Romans but also by tourists. Usually Maritozzo is perfect for breakfast near to a cup of coffee. But in Rome we say that any moment is a good moment for a Maritozzo with cream. So, definitely a very welcome surprise when you go to someone’s house for dinner or lunch.


Tiramisù is the perfect dessert to bring to a dinner, indeed!


The Dessert with a capital D. Very famous in Italy and also abroad. It is the typical dessert that almost everyone agrees with (children excluded) and is the perfect dessert to bring for a dinner. Coffee at the end of the meal is always appreciated. With Tiramisù you have two choices. It can be prepared at home and therefore delight the palates of our loved ones with one of our recipes, or it can be purchased. In fact, Tiramisù is one of those desserts that is easily available in any pastry shop.

Come on, it’s not that difficult to choose a dessert to bring to a dinner. Whether they are friends or relatives. All you need is a little attention to detail and a little imagination.