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Today we celebrate World Tiramisu day!

Today we celebrate world Tiramisu day!
How wonderful, on the first day of spring, March 21st we must have a cup of tiramisu. Today we celebrate the most famous Italian dessert in the world. A luxury that everyone can afford.

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The true story of Tiramisu.

Tiramisu: everyone contends for paternity. But no one really knows the truth. Certainly the main ingredients, mascarpone in the first place, make us think of northern Italy. So over the years, thanks also to strategic marketing actions, the list of candidates has narrowed. Indicating Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia as the main probable parents. From those who claim that it was invented in 1959 in the Hotel Roma in Tolmezzo in Friuli. To those who claim that it derives from the traditional sbatutin. That is, beaten egg yolk and sugar, used as a tonic for kids. Later added with mascarpone and coffee. On the other hand, the word tiramisu means just that, give me energy.

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“I am your father”, Tiramisu

Every now and then a voice rises to request authorship. From some chefs dusting off recipe books from their great-grandfathers. Or a voice from a great-grandson of an Italian-American pastry chef. Treviso is, without doubt, the most fierce city in the attempt to title the paternity of tiramisù. The restaurant Le Beccherie boasts the birth, but without evidence. Venice has even built a fascinating legend around tiramisu. That is, that it was the energetic dessert served to customers of famous entertainment venues. Perhaps as a refreshment following the labors of love. However, it seems that the recipe was unknown in Venice until the mid-seventies.

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A phenomenon of the eighties.

The tiramisu phenomenon exploded, therefore, in the eighties. We all remember that. Concerning, at the same time, all Italian regions. That’s why, at the same time, the pastry shops of the boot have created their own customized versions. At the expense of an original recipe that practically does not exist. Depending much more on the personal tastes of those who cook, the type of coffee and cocoa used, the quality of mascarpone and eggs. Without forgetting, finally, the type of biscuit.

A no-holds-barred fight

In fact, try to ask anyone where to find the best tiramisu. The majority of respondents will tell you “that’s what I do, in my house”. They all have a secret recipe, a method learned from some chef, but above all a favorite cookie. Ranging from the classic Savoyard to Pavesino, from gold saiwa to sponge cake. For the type of coffee to use, a world opens up:  moka or espresso? Americano maybe? The same goes for pastry shops, whose competition also sees the clash in world championships. As will happen in the Tiramisu World Cup to be held in Treviso in October 2023.

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Tiramisu in numbers.

It seems that the annual volume of tiramisu ordered at home is around 27 thousand kilos. And that the tiramisu consumed outside the home generates over 5 million euros. These are beautiful figures considering that it is, purely a dessert prepared at home. Which is consumed especially in winter, due to its caloric content and the dark notes of the ingredients. However, there are summer versions of tiramisu, which also include tropical and non-tropical fruits. Variants with pistachio, hazelnut, gianduia, coconut, with liqueur or without. There really is something for everyone.

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Tiramisu abroad and cooking classes.

It is the most loved Italian dessert in the world, most sought after on the web. Everyone loves it, but when they arrive in Italy, they discover that they have tasted completely different versions. And also in Italy they will find different versions, from north to south and from city to city. Tourists want it, they want to understand its secrets and, also, learn how to prepare it. In fact, it is not surprising that for over ten years, our tiramisu cooking classes have always been sold out. As well as our Espresso, ice cream and Tiramsù tour of Rome. So, everyone in pastry or hand to blenders! Here you will find our tiramisu recipe and the vegan version. Or we are waiting for you to learn how to create a perfect Tiramisu in one of our dedicated cooking classes.

A small note of taste, if you want to combine Tiramisu with wine, we recommend a natural Primitivo di Manduria Dolce, a good Demerara Rum or a Recioto della Valpolicella.

Happy spring to all and happy Tiramisu Day 2023!