vegan tiramisu recipe

Vegan Tiramisu recipe

Vegan tiramisu recipe is calling all friends of animals.

Try to make a vegan tiramisu that do not involves eggs, mascarpone or animal ingredients for your ethical friends.
Is that possible? yes it is.

Surely taste will be different, but satisfaction guaranteed.

This is your recipe, ready? let’s start cooking!

Ingredients for the cream:
-400 Grams of velvety tofu
-300 Ml vegetable cream
-3 Tablespoons rum
-Espresso coffee
-dark cocoa or cinnamon
For the biscuits:
-350 Grams of flour
-20 Grams of potato starch
-80 G frumina
-100 Grams of margarine without hydrogenated fats
-160 Grams of brown sugar
-150 Gr soy milk
-2 Tablespoons rice syrup
-1 Teaspoon baking soda
-1/2 Teaspoon vanilla
-2 Teaspoons of baking powder

Firstly, let’s prepare the biscuits, in a bowl sift the dry compounds excluded sugar.
Mix in a bowl milk, add 20g of water and rice syrup, add the softened margarine and add all the dry ingredients. stir until mixture is smooth and sticky.
Rest in refrigerator for at least an hour.
Secondly, heat the oven to 190 ° and create small strips of dough smoothing the surface. inform for 10-15 minutes. Once lightly browned divide them in half lengthwise.
Whip the cream with a whisk vegetable, sugar coat if not already sweet, when it will be mounted, add the tofu and the rum and reassemble.
soak the biscuits in coffee and producing a layer on the bottom of a vessel.
Add a layer of cream, a layer of biscuits,  cream again up to the desired height. lultio cover the layer of cream with cocoa.

Have you ever tought what to drink with a tiramisu? If you’d like to try a delicious match open a bottle of Primitivo dolce Naturale, a sweet red wine made with a boast of Italian grapes: Primitivo.

Did you know? Primitivo grape variety is the ancestor of the californian clone of Zinfandel……all roads lead to Itay. Wine and dessert pairing is an amazing discovery.