Beginner or experts, welcome to the world of wine!
Meet your Sommelier and be ready for a wine tasting focused on Italian fine wines. Your friendly somm will create a very intimate mood, then we’ll start to learn about quality wines: how to taste it, how to appreciate organoleptic properties, how to choose the best for you.
Learning about Italian regions and comparing different varieties for an interesting deep immersion in the world of wine. Then, principles of wine tasting, specifics of main territories and grape variety. If variety is what you crave in your wines, then Italy is the place for you offering more than 400 native grapes.
You will be an insider tonight learning how to match food and wine, legends and history of the “Nectar of the Gods”. Feel free to ask all the curiosities and information during your intimate wine ABC class together.
Firstly, we will focus on wine tasting taking a little time to discover the quantity and sensations given from the four main tastes that our mouth is able to distinguish: sweet, acid, salt, bitter followed by sparkling sensations, tannins, alcohol, smoothness, intensity of taste persistency, intensity of flavour persistency, body.
For food we’d focus on 4 main tastes: sweetness, acidity, minerality, bitterness followed by quantity of fat, greasiness, zestfulness, spicy, persistency of taste and scent. For acidity and bitterness, we’d always need to talk about sour trend flavour and bitter trend flavour.
The best way to create harmonic balance between food and wine is to look for a contrast of flavours. For a sensation given from food, we’ll select a wine that can offer opposite sensations in order to create a balance.
Learn about the art of pairing wine and food, the key of a successful meal and the passport to the most amazing foodie experience.
This activity is perfect for food and wine lovers, team building groups and business meetings in Rome.
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  • Guided wine tasting led by Sommelier
  • Selection of food tastings
  • Principles of pairing technique


  • Personal shopping
  • Additional food not included in the program
  • Hotel pick up and drop off

Questions & Quotes?

Feel free to reach out and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have, in a very short timing.


Tour involves an amount of walking (500 mt/0.3 Miles approx). Drinking age is 18 years old. Wheelchairs accessible.


Operates in all weather conditions, please dress appropriately.


Clients are solely responsible for their health conditions, we cannot guarantee special food requirements.

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