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Today is the World Bee day: finding the SQNPI logo on wine labels

Today is World Bee Day. An opportunity to remind us to defend the environment around us. The commitment of some winemakers in the SQNPI certification.

Each of us has his own sensitivity towards the subject and we do not enter into the discourse now. world bee day SQNPIHowever, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about a special certification. You may have noticed on the label of some wines. This is the SQNPI certification, whose logo features a small bee. It is a certification that has European value, we like to remember today on the world bee day. SQNPI stands for National Quality System of Integrated Production. To be certified you must comply with a strict protocol that guarantees the consumer quality and attention to the environment.

The importance of safeguarding biodiversity

Biodiversity is the main natural resource of agricultural systems. Italy is a champion for biodiversity, but, like other systems, it risks losing it. Life on planet earth is perpetuated thanks to a series of organisms that serve to pollinate spontaneous crops. These insects are often at risk due to pollution and the use of pesticides useful for the fight against diseases, but, at the same time, dangerous for useful organisms. Bees are responsible for as much as 70% of pollinations. All that derives from the spontaneous action of these small insects is even 30% of the amount of food produced. The intent of this integrated production policy is, therefore, to protect the ecosystem and ethical and sustainable practices. Life on Plante Earth depends on this, that is why to celebrate the world bee day.

biodiversità biodiversity italia italyThe National Quality System of Integrated Production (SQNPI)

The SQNPI certification is therefore aimed at agricultural and agri-food companies. To be certified it is necessary to implement practices by minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals. Companies must also implement agricultural practices with low environmental impact. Securing workers and officially tracking product chain.

An expensive undertaking.

Clearly, to comply with the demands of the specification, companies incur a high cost. This is certainly a commendable effort on the part of these farmers and producers. That enhance the territory and contribute to the protection of the environment.

If you are sensitive to the theme and want to favor these virtuous winemakers, look for the logo with the bee on the label.