Boast of Roman food tradition: fried zucchini flowers

Fried zucchini flowers: the original recipe

Beautiful bright yellow Zucchini or pumpkin blossoms, will surprise your palate with their sweet and refined taste. This flowers are edible and INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!

They are in season from spring to summer , available at any farmer’s market in Italy, Zucchini blossoms are known locally as fiori di zucca
They are a staple ingredient in many local dishes whose origins come from “Cucina Povera” – the no-waste “poor cooking” tradition.

This is surely one of the best and tasty roman recipes.  For all of you, who have had the chance to join our food tour of Rome in the last two weeks, and for all the other lovers of roman cuisine, we have the pleasure to give you our recipe.


  • Fresh zucchini flowers
  • mozzarella cheese
  • salted anchovies
  • peanuts oil (or olive oil)
  • white flour
  • beer or sparkly water
  • salt


Flowers are extremely delicate so open them carefully. Stuff with a little cube of mozzarella cheese and a piece of anchovy. Then prepare a thick batter with flour, sparkly cold water (or beer).
Dip the stuffed flower into the batter and fry them in lots of oil, very hot.
Remove those when light brown colored and dry the excess oil with paper. Just a little of salt on the top.
It comes like a cloud with a surprise inside!
Enjoy it!