Summer: desire for freshness colors and flavors

June 21 marks the beginning of summer . The days get longer and the desire for fresh, colors and flavors becomes more and more.

Therefore, why not tease our taste buds with the best summer flavors: Tomatoes, aubergines, basil, figs, melon, zucchini flowers.

All in season now can be cooked in many ways.

But, if we combine them with the best Italian IGP products, what a Yummi!

Buffalo mozzarella from Campania region,  the top extra virgin olive oil from Liguria , the carpaccio di bresaola produced in Valtellina. Prosciutto San Daniele and Parmesan cheese, in addition, are just to name a few.

Combine this delicious ingredients and become a chef for a day.

Here the list of our favorite summer dishes:

Seasonal starters.

Firstly and definitely, a very classic snack beloved by Roman people is the  Pizza, ham and figs (Pizza Bianca, Prosciutto e Fichi). This recipe is amzingly mixing salty and sweet flavors. Perfect pairing wine is a sparkling lambrusco, Bonarda or a Franciacorta Saten.

As apetizer, perfect quick lunch, likewise a side dish or whenever you like, Caprese salad will never disappoint you. Especially if you choose top quality Mozzarella and very good tomatoes. If you think this is an ancient local recipe you’ll be surprised to learn is certainly not. Tomatoes, just to clarify, arrived in Europe only after 1500 from Southern Americas. Pair this dish with a glass of Prosecco or a DOC Garda.

On the other hand, is not Summer without Ham and melon (Prosciutto e Melone) . This is another recipe that plays on contrast of flavors, sweetness and salty. Let’s pair this dish with a glass of Fiano di Avellino or Frascati Superiore.

Ten minutes to prepare something to bite? Panzanella is a rescue-remedy. Just focus on Extra-virgin olive oil and let your fantasy find your own style. Let’s match with a glass of Trebbiano bianco from Tuscany.

Similarly Bruschetta is a simple but delicious way to welcome someone at your table.

Seasonal main course

Do not miss the season to try one of the top baked recipes above all: Eggplant Parmigiana . This amazing dish is a complete meal in a plate. Try it with a glass of Aglianico Taurasi.

On diet or super-fit crazy about fitness? This recipe will provide you taste and a boost of proteins Carpaccio of bresaola, rocket and parmesan is one of the most favorite summer combinations. Meanwhile you taste it, let’s try a glass of Ribolla gialla, success guaranteed.

Everybody knows this:   Fried courgette flowers (Fiori di Zucchina Fritti) is a must to try when in Rome. The delicious recipe will perfectly match with a glass of Franciacorta Rosè or a Spumante Rosè Oltrepò Pavese.

In conclusion, if you do not find in this list the your favorite italian summer dish, come to Italy to discover and taste the boast of the local cuisine.

Buon appetito!


Boast of italian food: Prosciutto e melone

Prosciutto e Melone: a dish over 3000 years old.

Summer binges on our tables one of the most popular Italian dish: prosciutto e melone (ham and melon).

A combination that is the result of knowledge that goes straight from the time of the Etruscans and Romans: sweet and sour flavors.

In fact, according to the ancients, the body’s heat was due to an “internal fire” that warmed the limbs. Consequently the cold and wet foods had to be combined with hot and dry foods. As a result, they were able to mitigate the negative consequences on health. This explains the origin of sweet and sour flavors: cheese with pears, peaches with wine and cured ham and figs or melon.

Prosciutto and Melone is the perfect summer appetizer!


• 200g Dop (Protected Designation of Origin) or PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) prosciutto

• 1 melon, possibly netted.


Cut the melon into slices in the shape of the fruit. Remove the seeds and peel and put the slices on a serving plate. Place one piece of ham on each slice of melon.

Did you know that: For each melon its ham!

An original way to transform this simple dish into a gourmet appetizer is to choose the right combinations of the ingredients, strictly Italian.

All you need to do is focus on the regional specialties, for example, a PGI melon from Mantua, grown between the provinces of Emilia, is always consistent and sweet. The perfect mix is, therefore, to serve it with a ham of character, such as the Crudo di Cuneo Dop.

If, on the other hand, you want to amaze your diners , try Tamaris melon, a lesser-known PGI (except for the chefs), characterized by a smooth, light skin, and a very sweet and fragrant flesh, reminiscent of courgette. Combine it with a delicate and refined cured ham, such as Prosciutto di Parma Dop or Prosciutto di San Daniele Dop.