Boast of Roman food: pizza prosciutto e fichi

Take the amazing super local snack at 11.00 o’ clock. It’s Pizza time! Maybe you do not know but this is the deadline for cappuccino time in Rome.

Welcome to the savory snack time with a top food combination that will tantalize your taste buds: Pizza bianca Prosciutto and Figs.

In ancient times figs were crushed on the focaccia, which was a disc of unleavened bread dough. Today, however, figs have become the filling of the pizza bianca, which must be slightly salted on the surface. The most popular filling is with prosciutto (raw ham).
Therefore, pairing pork meat and fruit always have been very trendy in Rome since ancient Roman times. From a taste point of view this is amazing because salty taste of prosciutto will find a proper contrast with the sweetness of figs.

The salty taste of pizza, in contrast to the sweet taste of figs, is something unique that probably only who has lived a childhood in close contact with Roman grandparents and parents.knows.

Pizza with figs is a classic of the Roman tradition born as street food and today also present in the off-menu gourmet.

In short, today snacking with pizza and figs is a gourmet way to stop the half morning hungry.

Like Roman says: “Mica so pizza e fichi” used to indicate something good, of value as opposed to this poor dish.

Enjoy your 3000 years old snack and relax!

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