The guanciale is the great undisputed protagonist of Carbonara and Amatriciana. To say otherwise, especially to a Roman, is almost a blasphemy, a real heresy.


The guanciale does not originate from Lazio but from Abruzzo. It was produced for the first time in the area between Amatrice and Campotosto lake, in the province of L’Aquila. However, Amatrice, which now belongs to the Lazio region, until 1927 was part of the province of L’Aquila in Abruzzo.

The difference between guanciale( pork cheek) and bacon

“Guanciale” derive from the cheek and part of the neck of a pig that has at least 9 months. Its uniqueness lies the external season: salt,pepper, garlic, sage and rosemary.

The meat ages for at least three months. In this period forms the hard crust that characterizes the outside while the interior takes on a very intense flavor. The guanciale is one of the most important ingredient for sauces or eaten warmed up on bread.

Bacon has salty seasoning and matures in a cool and dry place, also flavored with different spices depending on the place of origin. Normally you find it rolled and smoked.

If you enjoyed our Food Tour, you’d probably remember that is one of the most important ingredients for the amatriciana and carbonara pasta style.