How to reach Rome from the airport and back

How to reach Rome from the airport and vice versa, many foodies ask us. No stress!

There are may ways: the best choice depends on the location of your hotel, how many people are in your group, arrival time.

Firstly, take note that Rome is served by two different airports: Fiumicino (located west side) and Ciampino (east side).

Fiumicino (FCO) is the biggest Roman airport and it is called Leonardo da Vinci. Terminal is organized in 4 different docks: T1, T2, T3 and T5.  T5 is reserved to air companies from and to USA, and from and to Israel.
National and international flights from Rome vary according to final destination of air companies. There are info points managed directly by air companies in the main hall of the airport.

Most importantly. Check your destination airport name before planning your in/out transfer.

Ciampino (CIA) is the secondary airport called G.B Pastine. Many aircraft companies flights to Ciampino, especially Ryanair, Easyjet and others.

For both airports

By Taxi

There are several Taxi Company available. Biggest and reliable Company is 3570 Tel. number +39 063570, operators english speaking, many taxi drivers speak English.

From the airport to Rome by taxi

There are always taxi cabs available outside the building of the Airport, waiting for passengers in line. Taxi drivers licensed by Rome City Council are white and bear a sign “TAXI” on their roofs.

The symbol of Rome City Council is clearly visible on the front doors and the license inside the back left. This will protect customers from unauthorized drivers.


Tourist fishing is illegal in Rome.

In case someone stops you meanwhile you are inside the terminal building, asking if you’d need a taxi, simply ignore them or say “no grazie”. In addition, make your way to the exit.

Just to clarify, we recommend you to ignore them (even if they wear some kind of badge) to avoid to be cheated by not authorized drivers.

You will find, Official Taxi cabs waiting at the taxi stand outside the terminal.

Taxi fare from both airports to Rome City centre is a fixed amount.

Certainly, final fare may vary according to the address of your Hotel in Rome.

Please take note that Rome is a large city, therefore final bill could surprise you if you’d not failiar with distances.

To pay fixed fares your transfer will need to start from the airport to address within the ancient city limit (named Aurelian Walls).

In other words, to reach Hotels or accomodations located outside this area, you will pay the meter fare and not a fixed price.

Be smart: Check if taxi driver is applying fixed fare 
Fixed fares are inclusive of all extra charges from/to both Airports. Prices are per journey and not per passenger.

  • Fiumicino Airport to/from Hotel located within the Aurelian Walls: € 48.00
  • From Fiumicino Airport to/from Castello della Magliana – Parco dei Medici: € 30.00
  • Fiumicino Airport to/from Nuova Fiera di Roma Exhibition Centre : € 25.00
  • From Fiumicino Airport to/from Ciampino Airport : € 50.00
  • Fiumicino Airport to/from Tiburtina Station : € 55.00
  • From Fiumicino Airport to/from Ostiense Station : € 45.00
  • Fiumicino Airport to/from Port of Civitavecchia : € 120.00
  • From Ciampino Airport to/from within the Aurelian Walls : € 30.00
  • Ciampino Airport to/from Tiburtina Station € 35.00
  • From Ciampino Airport to/from Ostiense Station : € 30.00

Head to the airport from Rome city

Booking a taxi cab pick up. You can call radiotaxi number and book a transfer for next day, or you’d call number from your Hotel.

Firstly, be ready to take notes when you call a taxi. The radiotaxi service will tell you the Code of the taxi cab assigned, write it down.

Taxi code generally shows a City Name and a number. For instance “Venezia 1000”. Taxi code is always displayed on  the side back doors of the cab.

Secondly, we recommend you to leave the hotel 3 hours before departure of your flight. If you’d like to pay by credit card advise the radiotaxi when making the booking.
You can book a taxi directly from the app and pay by credit card.

The App is useful to call taxi in other Italian cities too. Very useful in case of very crowded days as per example, in case of bad weather, strikes and stuck of public transportation.

Thirdly, be sure to jump in to the right taxi cab only after reading taxi code.

Booking a private limo transfer – you’d call one of the private companies that provides transfer to/from airport. Prices may vary according to Company.

Generally, this choice is more expensive then public taxi.

Please take note that Uber service is not a super saver choice in Rome, sometimes prices are higher than taxi fares.

Airport shuttle service– shuttle shared service is available from centra located Hotels. Is a shared private vehicle with stops to pick up/drop off others at their hotels. Prices about € 40,00 per  journey.

Train (to Fiumicino only)

  • Leonardo express train connects Roma Termini with Fiumicino, flight takes 30 minutes approx. Fare is about € 14,00 per person
  • Train route:  Fiumicino – Fara Sabina (FM1): with stops at Tiburtina station, Tuscolana, Ostiense, Trastevere station – Runs Monday to Saturday every 15 minutes and Sundays or public holidays every 30 minutes. Fare: € 8 euros


From Rome termini station you can take private buses to Fiumicino (every 30 minutes) and Ciampino (every 40 minutes) – € 4,00 fare per ticket

Our recommendation

If you are, for example, at least 2 people with luggage and your hotel is far from main train stations, taxi is the best choice. Taxi will pick up you directly at the Hotel.

Above all, try to avoid to manage a triple transfer from hotel to train station to airport.

In other words, taxi is more convenient and comfortable to go straight to the airport.

If your hotel is located outside the “Aurelian walls” area, according to the distance, could be better to arrange a private transfer.

In conclusion, for further recommendation about how to move in Rome, contact us by email.
We’ll be glad to help you.
Enjoy your Roman holiday!