Traditional food of Rome: il Pane (bread)

Ancient Roman people did not know bread, they eat something named “puls”. Pusl can be considered the typical food of ancient romans and wa basically prepared with farro (spelt).
When ancient Rome get more and more confident with greek food tradition, bread started to be popular in Rome as well.
At the beginning preparation of bread “at the greek style” was only for homemade cooking, and was considered as an exotic trend, really criticized by conservative people.
When Roman Empire conquered Greece, many experts bakermen reached Rome and bread was finally popular. So popular that many different varieties were baked and some Emperors used to give away some to population time to time. During Augustus Empire in Rome there were more than 300 bakeries and all managed by greek people.
After the Roman Empire fall, and a long period of hanger, bread came back to be cooked only at home till today.
All of us remember about our grandma making bread at home.
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Try to make bread at home (600g = 21.164oz):
Flour: 350g = 12.346oz
Water: 210 ml.
Evo Oil: 1 teaspoon
Sugar: 1 teaspoon
Salt: 1 teaspoon
Yeast: if dried 4g = 0.14110oz; if fresh: 10g = 0.35274oz
Mix all ingredients really well, then make the dough resting for 8 hours in a protected place like your oven with just the ligh on (no heat) and a big cup of boiling water in a corner (to keep the ambient humid).