best italian pasta brands

For your recipes: best italian pasta brand

How to choose the best italian pasta brand?

These are our guidelines: good italian flour, trafilatura al bronzo, essiccazione lenta.

Maybe you don’t now already, but in Italy people eats pasta almost everyday. In spite of carbs denigratory campaigns, substainers of Mediterranean food style, promote pasta eating. However, pasta needs to be choosen with awareness.

Which are the most important things to know?

Firstly, pasta can be fresh or dry pasta. Fresh pasta is made with flour and water, or flour water and eggs (pasta all’uovo). Dry pasta is simply fresh pasta get dry with heat and air.

Dry pasta is, certainly, more common. easy to use because always ready for cooking and you can store it for long time.

There are hundreds of brands of dry pasta in Italy, however not all of them are quality oriented.

If you are looking for cooking unforgettable pasta dishes, firstly you’d choose the right one.

Reading the label.

Industrial or artisan pasta makers, both need to show information on label. An indication can be to read the term “artigianale” . This means traditional style production by an artisan. It is a quality tip.

Secondly, and most important, you’d find on the label the type and origin of flour used. There are several kind of flour available, some from ancient grain varieties. Flour can be “Semola di grano duro” (semolino flour) that is one of the best grains for pasta texture. Another kind could be “Senatore Cappelli” or other names you probably never heard about it. If you’ like to be more about this , please refer to our post about flour.

Thirdly, you’d read the sentence “trafilatura al bronzo” and “essiccazione lenta”. Trafilatura al bronzo (bronze drawing) refers to the making process, the moment pasta dough is shaped by the stamp. Bronze material allows the pasta to get a rubber surface, so sauce could better cover the dish.

Essiccazione lenta, means slow drying time. Slower you dry pasta, better is the taste and final quality. Surely this is a more expensive way to produce pasta, and here you have the difference on final purchasing price. But taste really get benefits of al above.

Our brand recommendations:

Personally we really love artisan pasta makers, such as Valentina Manta, Felicetti, Mancini, Benedetto Cavalieri, Masciarelli, Cocco, Gentile, Setaro.

If you’d not find those brands, looks for good industrial ones, likewise De Cecco , Setaro, Voiello, Alce nero.

In other words, choose those imported to your country to cook your pasta

However remember: italian style pasta is only AL DENTE!

Enjoy it!