The traditional food to eat on special days in Rome

Special food on special days: the recipes of tradition

Did you know that in Rome we like to eat special food on special days? From a writer of 1907, we know that this list was really popular already. Discover which recipes are most popular in Rome, according to our grandmother’s teachings.
1st January. Lentils and grapes
Carnival/Shrove Tuesday. Flat fried pastries and ravioli.
Lent (40 days before Easter). Chickpeas, codfish, maritozzo (typical roman pastry filled up with whip cream).
San Giuseppe (19th March). Pancakes, zeppole, bignè
Easter. Lamb, consommè, eggs, salami, pizza.
25th April. Cherries (that is not more like this, nowadays cherries comes on June).
24th May. Giuncata (a traditional homemade cheese with sheep milk and fragrant herbs).
26th Maggio (San Filippo Neri). Strawberries at lunch.
24th June (San Giovanni). Snails.
2nd November (commemoration of the death). Fava bean and dead bones (cookies).
11th November (San Martino). First wine tasting of the year.
25th December (Christmas). Pasta with anchovies, eel, mullet, salmon, broccoli, nougat, Pangallo.