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Rosè wine & Falafel: National days to celebrate

Celebrating in these days the Rosè wine & the National falafel day: the amazing bundle for the aperitivo time

In Us there are so many national days. From chocolate to wine, from recipes to ingredients there’s always a good reason to celebrate.  The 10th of June is to celebrate the Rosé Day, an entire day dedicated to rosé wine. Which in the United States is a real obsession. Loved for its color, ideal for an aperitif at sunset, excellent in combination with many and varied dishes. Rosé wine is a champion of pairing. This wine is often full-bodied but easy to drink and constitutes a good transition between winter reds and summer whites. But not only that, if made properly it is a versatile and tasty wine. To be combined with difficult dishes, such as fried dishes of great flavor, pizza with tomato sauce, elaborate fish dishes. And it’s absolutely instagrammable. So we see it, very easily sparkling in the glasses at sunset of young influencers.vino rosato aperitivo

Falafel National day

Rosé wine, which we will discuss extensively in a future article, also goes very well with falafel. The 12th of June is, indeed, the day for Falafel. This recipe of the Middle Eastern tradition has its origins in history. For many it is an exotic dish, a new entry. On the contrary, it has been in Italy for a very long time. In fact, it was already famous at the time of the Egyptians. Can we therefore assume that it was also tasted by Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, guests of Queen Cleopatra? Perhaps

falafel aperitivo roma

Falafel is a simple and tasty recipe

First of all, it is a fried patty, simple and delicious, which can be made with legumes. Simple ingredients, such as lentils, chickpeas, broad bean or, even, eggplant. With an absolutely personalized use of spices ranging from cumin to parsley, from garlic to paprika. There are no limits to the imagination of the felafel cook. Any legume can provide the structural and protein base of the felafel. It is, in fact, a dish rich in protein. And thanks to its own ease of preparation and transport, it has spread considerably throughout the Middle East, so much so that it is almost one of its key dishes. It is a simple dish to make, coming generally with accompanying sauces. Usually based on yogurt, hummus and thaini.

ghetto ebraico roma aperitivo Everyone agrees

Of course, felafel it is a vegan dish, but even carnivores love it. We can also consider it a multicultural and interreligious dish. In fact, it seems that he was adopted by Coptic Christians in his lean days, as much as by Jews. Falafel is a perfect dish in kosher cuisine, if made, clearly, with appropriate ingredients. That’s why it is one of the typical dishes of the Jewish ghetto of Rome.  Although to understand its spread, you have to take a step back in time.  As we have narrated several times, in fact, the Jewish community of Rome has been enriched over time by coreligionists from various countries. The Jewish community of Rome is the oldest in Europe; therefore, we can imagine that the recipe was popular during the first and second centuries BC. However, the great fame of the dish is due to the arrival in the capital of the Jews of Tripoli. We are talking about that large community of Italians expelled from Libya in 1967. These Jewish citizens moved to Rome, bringing with them, as always happens, traditional dishes.

Where to eat falafel in Rome

In the Jewish ghetto of Rome, therefore, they can be found often and willingly. In almost all restaurants in the area, although not kosher or not essentially related to the Middle Eastern tradition.
You can find them in all the restaurants of the Ghetto, from La Taverna del Ghetto, from Ba Ghetto (kosher), Bellacarne (kosher), Milky (kosher), Nonna Betta, Su Ghetto, Sheva. In other districts of Rome: Little Tripoli (kosher – Nomentano), Taverna Ripetta, Shawarma Station (Lebanese).

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