Rome is Hot: refresh yourself joining a Gelato tour

Summer season is  the hottest time for Rome city. The only way to survive is to enjoy a Gelato cup or a Granita di Caffè con panna. Better on a food tour.

No idea about what we are talking about? Gelato, when artisanal (artiginale), can really refresh yourself while providing proteins and energy.
When in Rome and the thermometer indicates 40 degrees celsius it is hard to stroll around.
The best thing to do is drown in a wonderful homemade ice cream Italian style!
A common practices for locals is to replace the entire lunch with a gelato.

Why we do not call that ice-cream?

Not only is a matter of translation. Gelato and Ice-cream are not the same thing.
Discover all the differences and amenities on our Espresso gelato and Tiramisù tour of Rome.

How to order a gelato, how to distinguish a good one from an average? You will master the ability of choose the best as an insider.

Pistacchio, nocciola (hazelnut), cioccolato (chocholate) are traditional flavors everyone knows. But did you ever try  homemade gelato made with donkey milk and fig sauce?
Bronte almonds and chocolate with Nero d’Avola wine?
Salvia with Raspberry or Cream that taste like homemade by grandma?
Healthy, tasty and light food, with its freshness and gaiety of colors Gelato is the best remedy against sadness and summer heat.
Among the more than 1,500 ice-cream parlors in Rome, discover the best.
Be amazed by the history and legend behind this delicious food while strolling the city.