best pizza bianca con mortadella rome

Tasting pizza bianca with mortadella in Rome

When in Rome you cannot taste the favourite half-morning break among Romans: pizza bianca with mortadella. 

Pizza Bianca is almost an institution, a monument to Roman food tradition.

When strolling the narrow streets and alley of Rome, is not rare to see some of the locals walking and eating a slice of pizza. Likewise in New york city hundres of people walks with their coffee walking-cup in their hand, in Rome you’ll see pizza or at least gelato.

Pizza bianca means white pizza. Do not confuse this with a focaccia! Focaccia recipe is different. Pizza bianca is just a variation, the basic one, of any kind of pizzas. Simply on top dressed up with extra-virgin olive oil and salt (sometimes rosmery).

Likewise pizza rossa, the white pizza is generally sold in slices. Pizza to the cut is a tradition in Rome , more than in other Italian cities. In other words, we are talking about a famous street food.

You cannot be wrong! in every area of Rome there is the most famous “Pizza al Taglio” where to feed yourself with a snack, or a light lunch. Often pizza bianca replaces bread.

Irresistible when just baked off, local people prefers it crunchy at the bottom and a little soft on top. However, thicker or thinner, most important is the resting time of dough. Roman people are obsessed about sourdough.

Once you decided where to buy it, how to enjoy it it’s just up to you. However if you’d really like to feel yourself as a local, you’d have your pizza with mortadella.

Mortadella is a cold cut pork meat sausage, cut in thin slices. Soft, salty and sweet at the same time. Flavoured with dry pistachio seeds and black pepper. Is a must together with pizza bianca.

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