Boast of Italian traditional food: pesto alla genovese

Pesto alla genovese: the original recipe

A marvel of simplicity, pesto is a celebrated treasure of Mediterranean cuisine. If you’re lucky enough to experience this jewel of Liguria, sitting comfortably on the terrace of a local restaurant in any village by the sea, it would be unforgettable, dream-like even.


  • 100 gm of fresh Genovese basil
  • 30 gm pine nuts
  • 60 g aged Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano cheese freshly grated, do not compromise on this ingredient and make sure is good quality
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 10 g Maldon flaky salt
  • 80 cc extra virgin olive oil


The marble mortar and wooden pestle are the tools traditionally used to make pesto.
Wash the basil leaves in cold water and dry them on a paper towel but don’t rub them.
In a mortar finely crush the basil leaves the garlic clove and pine nuts, add the salt and cheese to the mixture and keep pounding using a light circular movement of the pestle ,add some of the Extra Virgin Olive from time to time and keep pounding and mixing until you obtain a very fine and smooth creamy sauce, pesto should not be greasy and the amount of oil used must be well absorbed and not floating on top
The preparation must be done as quickly as possible to avoid oxidation problems
You have now obtained less 300 g of pesto which should be more than enough to dress 6 to 8 portions of Trenette
Buon appetito!

Pesto alla genovese: the original recipe