Pears and Cheeses: marriage of love

Cheese and Pears, an ancient combination of ingredients, popular all over Italy.

Cheeses and pears: a marriage of love.formaggio e vino wine and cheese
A mix of ancient tastes, now also rediscovered by gourmets.
Here the focus is to balance the two ingredients.
Pears and cheese has been one of the best known food pairings for centuries. For many years it was the meal of shepherds and peasants to the point of coining the famous saying: “Don’t let the farmer know how good cheese is with pears”.

A crude food, unsuitable for the refined palates of the rich.

It was so for the Romans, it was even more so in medieval society, rigidly pyramidal.
The consideration for fresh fruit was different, and in particular for pears, a food that is easily perishable and impossible to keep for a long time.
Anyway, the fate of the pears, was to reach the tables of the lords.
Only in 1500 the cheese began to assert itself also on the tables of the nobles.
The aristocracy discovered the taste of a food easy to make and preserve. They started to be offered at the end of a meal, together with fruit. A kind of dessert, indeed.

How to pair cheeses and pears.

There are many possible combinations with the different varieties of pears and the different types of cheeses.
The key aspect is to find the right combination of flavors and textures and a balanced dosage between these two ingredients.
The Autumn and the Winter are the season for pears. Fruit markets offer many different kind of this tasty fruit, likewise the Williams, Coscia and Kaiser.
The advantage of this fruit is that it will also be present on our tables for all the autumn and winter months.

Let’s play with combinations 

pear and cheese
The Williams pears go well with fresh goat and sheep cheeses, but also with hard Asiago cheese
The Coscia pears find their ideal combination with scamorze, fresh or semi-seasoned caciotta and caciocavalli
The Abate pears, are excellent to be enjoyed with all blue cheeses such as Gorgonzola
The Decane pears, for texture and flavor, are the variety to be preferred with Taleggio, spicy and seasoned provolone, but also Fiore Sardo
The Kaiser pears are excellent with Pecorino, Parmesan and Grana Padano. 

What we’re going to drink with?

A glass of sweet wine is a perfect choice. Firstly consider the cheese, and follow the rules for the wine pairing. The pear will add acidity and freshness according to the type and ripeness.

Enjoy it, enjoy Italian food style!