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Cook a top Roman recipe at home: Pasta alla gricia

Do you know the recipe we are about to prepare?

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Discover pasta alla gricia, a super typical Roman recipe that widens the heart just by hearing its name …

Only three ingredients? Impossible! Someone might exclaim.

Trust me, it’s the pure truth….

Exactly, we are talking about the Gricia recipe. Pasta alla Gricia is one of the tastiest, most vibrant and simple recipes in the world.

What you need to prepare it are only 3 ingredients, but of excellent quality:

  • Pasta
  • Pecorino romano
  • Guanciale pork cheek meat

Guanciale is crucial, with pancetta (bacon) is not the same thing….

This is the Roman mantra you must internalize to earn the respect of any Roman.

The secret of the dish’s success lies in the cutting and cooking of the bacon.


How to proceed:

BOAST OF ITALIAN FOOD TRADITION: il guancialeFirst, cut the bacon into strips 1c wide and 0.5cm thick.

For four people you will need at least 250 grams of peppered bacon.

In a very hot pan, let the guanciale fat melt until it becomes like oil. Basically cook until the meat is browned. It must become crunchy and a nice camel color.

At this point, remove the bacon from the pan and keep it aside. In the pan with the oil base you will skip the pasta after having cooked it al dente. For four people, throw at least 350 grams of pasta.

Finally, remove the pan from the heat, add a ladle of cooking water and the pecorino romano and mix well until creamy. For four people you will need at least 60 grams of pecorino.

Before serving

Add the bacon that you set aside and garnish with more grated pecorino.pasta alla gricia

This gricia recipe is also the basis of two other equally tasty recipes: carbonara and amatriciana.

The magical power of Roman cuisine is revealed: add the egg and you have the carbonara, add the tomato and you will have the amatriciana.

But Gricia is also splendid in its simplicity, guaranteed!

Pair your dish with a nice glass of white wine such as Frascati Superiore, Est Est Est, Orvieto or Fiano.

Enjoy your meal!

Buon appetito!

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