Food Tours of Rome: Gourmetaly for food lovers only

10 super-roman tastings that will take your taste buds for a ride:

  1. Water Buffalo mozzarella cheese
  2. spianata romana (roman salami)
  3. pecorino romano  (sheep milk spicy cheese)
  4. pizza bianca con mortadella (tomato free pizza with mortadella)
  5. pizza rossa ( tomato pizza)
  6. carciofo alla giudia (fried artichoke at Jewish style)
  7. supplì (fried rice balls )
  8. bucatino alla amatriciana (amatriciana pasta style)
  9. cacio e pepe (black pepper and cheese pasta)
  10. gelato (arisanal made ice-cream)

when in Rome, join or food crawl if you’d like to taste that food in the places were real Roman people eat. Do not waste your time and money falling into turistic tramps, share experiences and friendship with authentic roman foodies.