The experience of tasting extra virgin olive oil

A splash of olive oil on your dish, a fragrant touch, an ancestral gesture connected to family history.
The golden thread that links the history of each Italian family with a thousand-year tradition, a cultural, gastronomic and emotional heritage that we want to preserve and recover.

Is oil dressing or food? Quality oil plays a decisive role in the success of a dish, no matter if at home or at a restaurant.

Within the Mediterranean diet model, scientifically considered one of the best nutritional system choices, and declared a UNESCO World Heritage, olive oil occupies a position of excellence.

The choice to replace other fats is absolutely personal and also resides in the taste and in the territorial tradition of the kitchen, as long as you speak in both cases of quality.

How should we consider oil quality?

The mix of variety, territory, maturation, climate and harvesting and extraction technique.

Is oil quality measurable? There are measurable chemical parameters and quality assessment methods. Chemical analysis is defined by the components of acidity, polyphenols, and peroxides. The control of genuineness is based on detecting the presence of compounds that are atypical in the production of extra virgin, ie chemical products used for example for extraction.

Read the label: extra-virgin olive oil is extracted, it is not produced.

To extract the oil it is necessary to use mechanical and artisanal machinery. It is important to focus on the origin of olives and the time gap between the harvest and the squeezing. It is evident that shorter is this time better is the result, so we love to choose producers that take care of this.

Big companies, multinationals, that market the product with massive advertising campaigns, are basic bottling companies, not producers or farmers, often buying olives in different countries of the Mediterranean basin, blending them with an order to obtain a homogeneous product for distribution.

The artisan mills are required by law to certify all stages of production of their oil, from the methods of raisins, extraction, bottling, then an artisan product offers more guarantees of protection for the consumer.

Pairing olive oil and food

Maybe we do not consider the opportunity to match food and olive oil, generally, we have just one kind at home and we use it for all food preparation. Choosing the right one can really make a difference in the final taste of your dish. Extra virgin olive oil can offer several different taste sensation, a good match can exalt the recipe.

Write to us or take a tasting. Enjoy your quality food.