Eating in Italy: do as the locals do

One of the main reasons that comes out when you decide to visit Italy is to finally enjoy real Italian food, doing your best both to skip tourist traps and to step into the first place you find.
Locals are really demanding when it’s time to choose restaurants or even a snack bar, being “eat well” quite a serious thing for us.
It says that Italians live to eat instead of eat to live, there is a big truth in this as you need always to bear in mind that the heart our social life is always connected with sharing food.
Eating is not just a matter of filling your stomach, has also a lot to deal with the great pleasure to appreciate the good, tasty things that the world offers and, moreover, to share these with people you like and care for.

In Italy you will learn why Italians are shocked by tourists drinking a cappuccino at the end of a meal, dressing pasta with cream, or twirling spaghetti with the little help of a spoon.
But, to best experience the Italian food, the most important info you need to know before your visit in Italy starts is that Italian food means Regional food.
You will never truly enjoy eating in Italy if you will try to have the best pizza  in Trentino Region or the best Amatriciana in Milan, or the perfect Florentine steak in Palermo.
Each region will provide you with the real authentic food to be tasted in the right place but, pay attention, not all restaurants or trattorias are able to provide you with the top of the experience.
What is the “top”? For us, more than the now super popular stellar chefs the touchstone is our granma style.
Locals love their family cooking style.
And there will always be discussions about which granma recipe is the best for the Sauce Bolognese.
That’s why eating in Italy led by food tours in Rome is one of the nicest way to both approach the local food style and also get in touch with local people in an authentic way.
Gourmetaly food tours provides people the best food tour of Rome, led by local enthusiastic foodies in the very heart of three of the best areas of Rome: Campo de Fiori, Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere.
Join an event at the beginning of your staying and be able to distinguish touristy places from the ones beloved by local people.
Moreover, get involved with the tradition of the place and the local customs that are not the result of habits and fortuity, but a sign of history.