Boost of Roman traditional food: Filetti di baccalà

If you come to Rome on Fridays do not miss to the famed baccalà (fried cod fillets). Inexpensive, delicious, a favorite of locals, the baccalà fillets are served wrapped in paper.
1 1/2 pounds dried salt cod
1 cup flour
mineral water
vegetable oil (or other oil for frying)
Rinse the baccalà, fillets, the place for 48 hours in water, changing the water every 8 hours, in order to remove most of the salt.
Clean the baccalà fillets, cut them into 1-inch strips, and drain. Pat dry.
Prepare the batter by adding the mineral water to the flour, whisking quickly to incorporate. The batter should “barely” come off the whisk when you raise it up: it should neither run off it quickly, nor stick to in entirely.
Heat the oil to hot but not smoking (make sure you have it hot enough to start, or you will end up with soggy fish fillets). Coat the fillets with the batter, using your fingers to remove the excess, then fry them for 10-15 minutes, turning them with a fork once or twice, until they are golden and cripsy.
Drain on a wire rack or paper towels and serve hot !