Impossible to leave Rome without tasting Pasta alla Carbonara.

Absolutely impossible to approach one done with bacon instead of guanciale (pork cheek meat) and Parmigiano instead of Pecorino Romano (or at least in more quantity then pecorino).

Absolutely prohibited to taste a Carbonara dish with strings of melted cheese or visible egg (like crumbled eggs) in.

…..and now way for overcooked pasta! Always.

Follow the recipe for the best Carbonara:

  1. provide yourself of following quality ingredients
  • Quality pasta: semolino flower, trafilatura al bronzo (stamp in bronze material), essiccazione lenta (slow drying)
  • Quality eggs from free range and natural feeding
  • Quality guanciale: cured meat product prepared from pork jowl or cheeks
  • Quality Pecorino Romano (min 70%)- min 24 months
  • Quality Parmigiano Reggiano (max 30%)- min 24 months
  • Quality black pepper


1-Take a bowl and mix one yolk and half white each person with one spoon of Parmigiano Reggiano and 3 spoons of Pecorino Romano each person and mix until you obtain a cream.

2-Slice guanciale (30 grams each person) in stripes ½ cm height, 1 cm width and put in a hot pan without oil…wait until fat melts and meat comes crispy. Take meat off and pour hot melted fat in the bowl with the egg and cheese while mixing.

3-Boil pasta in a big amount of water (not salty). Follow instructions for cooking time, taste before taking this off, need to be chewy and not soft.

4-Transfer pasta in the bowl with the cream and mix everything…if too sticky add some water from the boiling.

5-Add grounded black pepper


Enjoy your dish…if not satisfactory, take one of our cooking classes