pizza bianca prosciutto and figs fichi - snack time

Prosciutto e fichi (prosciutto and figs) traditional gourmet food

Pane, prosciutto and figs: the best of Roman traditional food

There are many seasonal products, beloved by local foodies.

September in Rome: summer is almost over and nature gives us a present: figs. A delicious, black-skin fig that comes only in this period.
Take some fresh homemade bread and put some slices of prosciutto together with figs to discover the incredible match od sweet and salt.
“Pane, prosciutto e fichi” or “pizza prosciutto e fichi” was a typical snack in Rome for long time.

Today it is for foodies and traditional food lovers. The secret is simple: quality ingredients!

Is not that easy to find this recipe in restaurants, bars or wherever.

But is a recipe you can quickly set by yourself following few easy steps.

Step 1: let’s visit a vegetable market and buy some seasonal figs. In spring time the sweet green ones are available. At the end of summer, however, you’ll find the black-skinned variey (settembrino).

Step 2: head to a good grocery store to buy some prosciutto. Since figs are quite sweet, we recommend you to choose a tasty one. Perfect kind Prosciutto di Bassiano DOP or Prosciutto from Norcia. Let’s ask thin slices.

Step 3: enter one of the amazing bakeries of Rome and ask for pizza bianca. Pizza bianca is not a focaccia, but it looks like. The best is thin and crunchy but you can always split in twice orizontally. You can ask to cut it directly to the bakerman. Amazing if just baked off and warm.

Step 4: Assembly: open your pizza. Split a fig in twice and put it in the pizza. When using Settembrino fig, you just wash it (peel is eatable and tasty). Put prosciutto slices on figs and cover with the second piece of pizza.

What you have now is an amazing, unforgettable , pizza sandwich. Salty and sweet flavour balancing together.

Thursty? let’s try this recipe with a Prosecco or a Franciacorta, or a Sparkling rosè. To die for.