Foodies from all over the world! the season for delicious puntarelle just started in Rome!

The puntarelle are nothing more than the Catalonian chicory sprouts. They grow mainly in Lazio and in some areas of Campania since ancient times, excellent to be eaten raw.

But if you prefer to cook them here you are: The classic recipe for thinly sliced ​​puntarelle to be sautéed in oil and seasoned with a quick pesto: to make it you need garlic, chilli pepper and some anchovies in oil.

They are in season from February to May and are really excellent in salads, savory or sautéed pies (especially the outer leaves).
Join our tour and learn everything about this delicious side dish available only in Rome city and surroundings.


  • puntarelle 1 kg (about 2 bunches)
  • anchovy fillets in oil 4
  • white wine vinegar 20 g
  • extra virgin olive oil 40 g
  • garlic 2 cloves
  • ground black pepper to taste
  • sale


Firstly clean the puntarelle by pulling away vertically the external part. Consequently you will soon see how the young leaves curl up themselves. Wash carefully the leaves in water with lemon drops and dress this salad up with Extra virgin olive oil, garlic salt and anchovy slices.