Tradizione Romana il pinzimonio o cazzimperio

Boast of roman food: il pinzimonio romano

The Pinzimonio is a must try foods of the Italian cuisine. Fresh, tasty and crunchy, this vegan appetizer is the perfect summer finger food .

But have you ever heard “Cazzimperio” ones in Rome? The term “Cazzimperio”, which may seem like a dirty word in the Italian language, is actually a typical Roman term to indicate Pinzimonio, a sauce prepared with simple ingredients, in which you can dip raw vegetables.

To clarify,there are several opinions on its origin, but the most confirmed one is that the word derives from the archaic Italian “cazza” which indicates the ladle used by alchemists.

If you want to prepare a fresh, crunchy, vegan and traditional appetizer, this is your dish!

Very easy and quick , just follow the list of ingredients.



Firstly wash all the vegetables and cut them into strips leaving the skin.

Then, take a small bowl and mix the oil with salt, black pepper and a little vinegar or lemon juice.

After that emulsify everything well and serve.

Prepare a small glass with pinzimonio sauce and another with vegetable sticks for each guest, so that everyone has their own.

Note: The choice of vegetables is very important: fresh, seasonal and organic. You can mix up different ones according to your taste . Just go to the farmer’s market and let your eyes shop for you.

Recommended Wine:

Pignoletto Frizzante Secco Reno. pale straw yellow color, intense, elegant and floral bouquet with fruity notes dominated by ripe pear and apple.