Boast of Roman food: gnocchi (little dumplings)

Roman little dumplings: the original recipe

Did you know? In Rome, we like to eat special recipes in special weekdays. Thursday is the day for gnocchi (little dumplings), a delicious recipe that, apart from being typically Roman, is also characteristic of a certain popular and genuine cooking.
For 6 persons you’ll need 2 kg of potatoes, boil them and pass through a sieve while still hot. When they cool down, add 300 gr approx of flour, some salt and mix until create a soft paste. Roll the past in  long finger-thick strips then cut pieces of 2 cm long.
Dust each gnocchi with some flour to avoid they stick together. Cook those in boiling water, salted and with some drops of olive oil. When they raise up the the surface, remove them from the water draining off water.
Mix the gnocchi with your favorite dress, perfect is a light tomato sauce and parmesan cheese or pecorino cheese.
Buon appetito!