ciambelline al vino roma

Ciambelline al vino: a boast of roman biscotti recipe

Le Ciambelline al vino. Taste the traditional roman biscotti.

Grandmother’s donuts with wine. This simple but tasty cookie is  typical of the Roman hills and countryside.

Also named “ubriachelle” (drunk), these donughts are a must.

Ciambelline do not contain yeast and ingredients are only of plant origin, so no butter, milk and eggs.Despite this, the wine donuts maintain a nice crispness.

Therefore they are a perfect dessert for vegetarians and vegan people indeed. Is ana mazing way to counclude a meal too, since low calories and fats.

Tradition wants these crunchy donuts to be served together with something to drink (of course). Perfect pairing is , obviously, wine. A sweet wine like a Cannellino di Frascati is amazing for taste an regional pairing. However any kind of sweet wine is perfect, likewise Vin Santo or Passito. Served together means dreneched in. An amazing way to have an alcoholic dessert 🙂
Anyway the donuts alone, are not alcoholic at all, since alcohol evaporates during cooking. In other words, the ciambelline are ok for kids too. So, in the afternoon can be a nice companion for your tea or coffee or  hot chocholate or, why not, sand alone.

This recipe belongs to the enormous group of leftovers based recipes which Roman people are proud of.

Let’s try to bake those, and invite your kids to join you, this is an amazing team-building activity to stimulate cooperation. And with a sweet end.


  • 200 milliliters of white table wine
  • Milliliters 200 milliliters of extra virgin olive oil (EVO)
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • 1 seed of anise, crushed
  • flour 1 cup
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 200 grams of sugar cane


To make the donuts to the wine must first dispense into a bowl, add the anise seeds, sugar and salt.
Sift the flour and pour in the slurry until a soft consistency of a pastry. (Probably will serve more flour than indicated in the ingredients). At this point you make a ball, place it in a bowl and let it rest for at least two hours in the refrigerator, covered with plastic wrap.
When they passed the two hours, cut into small pieces of dough and make it little rolls, like when you make the dumplings.
Joined together the ends, wetting them slightly so that sticking. Give them a round shape with a hole in the middle.
Put the sugar in a dish where you will pass the donuts, making adhere well sugar from one side only. Bake at 190°C for about 20 minutes.
Serve those at the end of a meal together with sweet wine, vin santo or grappa.

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