Boast of Jewish roman food style: Tortino di aliciotti e indivia

Boast of Jewish roman food style: Tortino di aliciotti e indivia

Aliciotti e indivia means anchovies and endive salad. Are you able to feed someone with these two ingredients?

Surprisingly, just with endive and anchovies, jewish-roman cooks serve a traditional pie.

Experience one of the most popular Roman-jewish recipes, a simple pie made with endive, fresh anchovies fillets, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper.

Certainly, this recipe is deeply-rooted in the history of the Jewish quarter in Rome. When the Pope established “Ghetto”, to clarify, many jewish people could work at the fish market. Rome main fish market was located just outside the walls of the enclosure, by the river.

Jewish people must respect many restrictions including feed themselves with big sized-fishes. Leftovers from the cleaning worked as income. Often small sized fishes as coins. Anchovies were not popular to be served at the table of the clergy and the aistocratic families of Rome.

Consequently, anchovies were popular in the ghetto. Anyway very nutrient and easy to be preserved under sea-salt.

In conclusion, this simple and tasty recipe is an historical memory of a past.

Let’s prepare the tortino di aliciotti e indivia.

Firstly, wash and clean the endive and select tender part of the plant.

Choose a oven pan and make layers of endive leaves and anchovies, salt and pepper until you reach the top of the pan. Add olive oil on top.
If you’d like you can add grounded garlic between layers.
Put the oven pan in the oven warmed up at 180 Celsius degrees for 30 minutes. The perfect “tortino” needs to be crispy, to reach this reuslt take the pan out from the oven, drain excess water away and bake it agaon for 15 minutes at 220° Celsius.
Perfect wine pairing: Trebbiano