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Wine and Food pairing Tips

The art of matching wine & food is the key Learn how to make a meal succesful and gain the passport to the most pleasant taste experience. It is the ability to create a connection between food and wine, based on the tasting and the use of the senses. In this article, you will found […]

10 sweet wines to try before you leave Italy

Never leave Italy or buy expensive bottle of sweet wine from all over the world, without tasting some of the incredible sweet wines produced in Italy. Many people believe sweet wine is just a light wine, beloved from women, hard to pair with food. Go beyond stereotypes and discover the root of wine making. Sweet […]

10 red wines to try before you leave Italy

If you are coming to Italy, and you are looking forward to taste the amazing and affordable Italian red wines, this list is for you. It is a shortlist of Italian red wines. I like to recommend to my foodie friends who are traveling all over the country. Surely, it does not include the great […]

Boast of Roman traditional food: Filetti di baccalà

If you come to Rome on Fridays do not miss to the famed baccalà (fried cod fillets). Inexpensive, delicious, a favorite of locals, the baccalà fillets are served wrapped in paper. “Baccalà fritto” is one of the typical street food dish in Rome. Quick and easy to cook, we recommended to enjoy it still hot as […]

What and where to eat in Rome: Villa Pamphili

What and where to eat close to Villa Pamphili  In the area of Monteverde, a popular quarter where many Roman citizens live. Best Restaurants near Villa Pamphili are: Vivi Bistrot: This cosy bistrot is located inside the public park ( entrance on Via Vitellia 102). Perfect for a break, coffee, brunch, lunch or tea time, […]

What & where to eat in Rome: Piazza Sant’Eustachio

What & where to eat in Rome: best restaurants near Piazza Sant’Eustachio Of course, since this piazza is so famous for the bar, you definitely have to try the coffee at Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè. When missing this coffee house, “bar” for Italians, you won’t be able to say that you’ve tasted coffee in Rome. It […]

What & where to eat in Rome: the Jewish Ghetto

Are you in Rome? Have you heard about the Jewish Ghetto, and would you like to visit it? Here you are a selection of things to do when there and a list of the Jewish Ghetto best restaurants. What to eat Firstly, you should know that not all the restaurants, pizzerie and shops of the […]