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Wine & books: The Vines of San Lorenzo by Edward Steinberg

Edward Steinberg’s Sorì San Lorenzo is not fresh from the press, but it is a fascinating book for wine lovers. Talking about a specific vine and family, of love for quality and peasant wisdom. It is about the effort and the passion that guide the creation of a great wine. Tells about a vine deeply […]

How to Pair wine with Carbonara. Boost your recipe

Today is Carbonara day! How to pair this recipe with wine? Standing ovation for one of the kings of Italian Pasta recipes. Ladies and gentlemen her Majesty: Pasta alla Carbonara. This is not only one of the most delicious courses of Roman cuisine, is a flag to roman-style food. Who invented it? Such a mystery? […]

The history of wine: ancient world and Greece

We all love wine, but what do we know about its history? Let’s find out what happened to wine in ancient Greece and in the Mediterranean area. Every time we taste wine should think about how much history is contained in a glass. Wine is truly a drink that has united, divided, celebrated, countries, peoples […]

How to store wine at home: your cellar

Store wine at home or not to store. This is the question. Firstly, let us keep in mind that not all wines are meant to be stored for a long time. Furthermore, storing wine correctly is by no means a simple thing. Let us start with the bottle format. This is a kind of indicator […]

The scent of wine: when our senses meet the nature

“How do you like your wine, madam: flavoured or dry?” This question seems to consider the scent of wine as the most important part of the experience. Moreover, this question is a non-sense. My primary school teacher would say, is like comparing apples with oranges. Anytime someone ask me this question, in a restaurant or […]

Pears and Cheeses: marriage of love

Cheese and Pears, an ancient combination of ingredients, popular all over Italy. Cheeses and pears: a marriage of love. A mix of ancient tastes, now also rediscovered by gourmets. Here the focus is to balance the two ingredients. Pears and cheese has been one of the best known food pairings for centuries. For many years […]

Music and Wine: the best evening pairing ever.

Can we imagine a better evening? These two pleasures of life have walked through history hand in hand. An evening with friends, or a moment of introspective relaxation, music and wine are two immense pleasures of life. Enough to make everything else disappear. These two wonders are among the widest forms of consolation I know […]