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Sfogliatella Napoletana: the Neapolitan amazing pastry

Sfogliatella napoletana:  the amazing shell-shaped filled pastries from Neaples, Campania. The Sfogliatelle are one of the most amazing baked pastries in the world. Likewise the Maritozzo in Rome City, the Sfogliatella is a must-try food when in Neaples. Simply a pride of Neapolitan pastry! The sfogliatelle can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner and after […]

How to Pair wine with Carbonara. Boost your recipe

Today is Carbonara day! How to pair this recipe with wine? Standing ovation for one of the kings of Italian Pasta recipes. Ladies and gentlemen her Majesty: Pasta alla Carbonara. This is not only one of the most delicious courses of Roman cuisine, is a flag to roman-style food. Who invented it? Such a mystery? […]

The history of wine: ancient world and Greece

We all love wine, but what do we know about its history? Let’s find out what happened to wine in ancient Greece and in the Mediterranean area. Every time we taste wine should think about how much history is contained in a glass. Wine is truly a drink that has united, divided, celebrated, countries, peoples […]