Farmer’s Market Food tour of Rome

  • Destination: Rome City
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Runs On: Sunday
  • Price: €60

Book this tour if you’d like to make a journey into the real mood of Rome sharing grocery time with local people. Learning everything about how to make grocery shopping to organize a traditional italian meal, tasting local food and learning how to match local cheeses with honey and wines. This tour is a must-do in the weekend when many tours are not available and the strategic location of the Market will be a great point to visit the best of Rome on those days.

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Explore Rome Organic Farmer’s Market, a landmark unlike any other in the city centre, on an entertaining, informative and delicious Farmer’s Market Food tour.

Artisan cheese makers, butchers, bakers and farmers and more….so much to discover and, more importantly, to taste at this hidden Rome location. Let’s meet your foodie insider and be ready for a 10 minutes walk that will amaze you strolling through hidden alleys with a panoramic view.

This Yummi 2-hours tour will takes place within the Farmers Market lead by Coldiretti a consortium of direct farmers and producers.
Get the local perspective and be ready to learn how to make grocery shopping in Italy,how to match products in order to set a gourmet Italian meal like an insider.

Let’s stop at the cheese producer stall and taste some of the delicious cheeses learning how to match  with wines and other ingredients.  Enjoy a  wine tasting of local wines in a different way that will entertain you and make you feel as a local.

Lead by passionate foodies, you will learn everything about Extra Virgin Olive Oil production, local products such as artichokes, Romanesco broccoli, chicory, but also cheeses like the mythical Caciofiore Columella, marzolina, olives from Gaeta, honey, beef and pork and a distributor of fresh milk, Artisan Beer and/or Organic wine, Vegetables and Fruit, Bakery and Pizza.

Are you passionate about organic Italian food production and like to know how to select ingredients and specialties? This is your tour!

A variety of Farmers Market stalls which may include:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Cheeses
  • Artisan Beer and/or Organic wine
  • Vegetables and Fruit
  • Bakery and Pizza
  • Honey

 The food samples along the way are filling enough for most people that a meal afterwards is not necessary.

Tour guests, comfortably full with delicious food, will walk away with hundreds of food pics and an unforgettable Sunday Morning .