Like many of Italy’s most delicious recipes,mozzarella in carrozza (“mozzarella in a carriage”) has humble origins too.  The idea came from the custom among less well-off families, who could not afford to waste food, to use up stale bread and no-longer fresh mozzarella in a new and tasty dish. Over time the recipe for mozzarella […]

  A little bit of history The story of this square begins in the XVI century, when the cardinal Alessandro Farnese bought a lot of houses to demolish them, in order to create the right space to build the palace he made Antonio da Sangallo to project. The palace was finished in 1546 by Michelangelo, […]

A little bit of history Campo de’ Fiori is a square situated between Palazzo della Cancelleria and Palazzo Farnese. Campo de’ Fiori in Italian means “field of flowers”, the name was first given during the Middle Age, when the area was actually a meadow. In Ancient Rome the area was an unused space between Pompey’s Theatre and the […]