A little bit of History Beginning of Roman age people did not have bread, they used to eat a kind of focaccia named “puls” made with an ancient variety of spelt flour. Spelt in ancient Latin was named Farrus, so the word “farina” is probably coming from this recipe. Differently from ancient Romans were already […]

Many foodies ask us hot to reach Rome from the airport and vice-versa. No stress! There are may ways the best choice depends on your Hotel location and number of people in your group and your Airport. Take note that Rome is served by two different airports: Fiumicino (located west side) and Ciampino (east side). […]

An easy recipe for an impressive dish that can be prepared in advance for a great dinner with guests! Gnocchi always scare a lot of people, because it’s said that they’re not easy to make, but these Gnocchi are not like those made with potatoes or ricotta but are made with semolina flour so it’s […]

Traditionally, porchetta is  a nose to tail affair, in which a whole pig is deboned and roasted on a spit. This was probably not the most practical option for those hoping for a taste of Rome closer to home:))))   A rectangular piece of boneless pork belly and a piece of pork loin of roughly […]

Visit with us  a celebrated fresh fruit and vegetable market by day, meet incredible people working there like Emanuele and Ginna, Franca and Riccardo. Snoop around the market with us and learn everything about Roman style food and ingredients, tasting stunning water buffalo mozzarella cheese and salami.