Traditionally, porchetta is  a nose to tail affair, in which a whole pig is deboned and roasted on a spit. This was probably not the most practical option for those hoping for a taste of Rome closer to home:))))   A rectangular piece of boneless pork belly and a piece of pork loin of roughly […]

If you are looking for an unforgettable risotto in Rome will not have an easy life. Maybe not everyone knows that the Romans, like the Neapolitans, and in general the southerners, not very fond of rice, considered a food for the sick to eat in case of disturbances gastric and intestinal. In fact, even the […]

  Rome is crazy about coffee. For about one euro, you can get a teeny cup of pure ecstasy. It’s probably the easiest thing to do in Italy, but not so easy if you don’t know some tricks.   Gourmetaly gives you a panoramic shot of ways to order a coffee in Italy. It seems […]