Take the amazing super local snack at 11.00 o’ clock. Maybe you do not know but this is the deadline for cappuccino time in Rome. Welcome to the savory snack time with a top food combination that will tantalize your taste buds: pizza prosciutto and figs. Pairing pork meat and fruit always have been very […]

An easy recipe for an impressive dish that can be prepared in advance for a great dinner with guests! Gnocchi always scare a lot of people, because it’s said that they’re not easy to make, but these Gnocchi are not like those made with potatoes or ricotta but are made with semolina flour so it’s […]

                                                        Gourmetaly staff is happy to whish you and your family Merry christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for all our foodies and frequent eaters that shared […]

September in Rome: summer is almost over and Nature give us a present, figs. A delicious, black-skin fig that comes only in this period. Take some sliced fresh homemade bread and put some slices of prosciutto together with fig to discover an incredible match od sweet and salt. Pane, prosciutto e fichi or Pizza prosciutto […]

Foodies from all over the world! the season for delicious puntarelle just started in Rome! Join our tour and learn everything about this delicious side dish available only in Rome city and surroundings. Clean the puntarelle by pulling away vertically the external part and you will soon see how the young leaves curl up themselves.Wash carefully […]

giovedì gnocchi……thursday is gnocchi day! Did you know? in Rome we like to eat special recipes in special weekdays. Thursday is the day for Gnocchi, a delicious recipe that, apart from being typically Roman, is also characteristic of a certain popular and genuine cooking. For 6 persons you’l need 2 Kg of potatoes, boil them […]

This dish is a real Roman invention. If you joined our food tour you already learned that roman cuisine is really simple but delicious. Boil tonnarelli (or spaghetti if you do not find fresh handmade pasta), in a big amount of water, until chewy “al dente”, remember that is always better to remove spaghetti from […]

Ricotta cheese cake: one of the most beloved dessert by Roman people. If you’d like to challenge with this , result would be amazing! prepare the usual shortcrust pastry with 300 gr of flour, 150 gr butter, 2 eggyyalks and grated rind of 1/2 lemon. mix ingredients and let them rest for an hour. in […]

“Guanciale” is derived from the cheek and part of the neck of a pig that has at least 9 months and its uniqueness lies in the fact that externally is seasoned with salt and pepper and often with garlic, sage and rosemary. the meat is left to mature for at least three months: in this […]

To make 12 supplì, mix 200 gr (7 onces) of boiled rice with some sauce (meat free to cook it at Jewish style), 3 spoons of grated parmesan cheese. Make a supplì into egg-shaped balls using your hands (in the palm). introduce a little cube of mozzarella cheese in the middle. Now beat a whole […]