Gourmetaly staff is happy to whish you and your family Merry christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for all our foodies and frequent eaters that shared […]

5th March 2014 in Berlin at Hard Rock Cafè.What a night! Gourmetaly won the award for Raising Star category. Many thanks to Getyourguide.com, that honoured us with this award, to Gourmetaly Staff that provieded the best experience possible to all our guests, to all our providers of great food in Rome, and to all our foodie-travelers […]

Dedicated to all those who have had the good fortune to taste the wonderful tiramisu in Rome, or for those who want to prepare for his friends the most famous Italian dessert in the world. 4 people: 500 grams of mascarpone cheese, 80 grams of sugar, 4 eggs, 250 g of biscuits (ladyfingers or Novara […]

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Foodies from all over the world! the season for delicious puntarelle just started in Rome! Join our tour and learn everything about this delicious side dish available only in Rome city and surroundings. Clean the puntarelle by pulling away vertically the external part and you will soon see how the young leaves curl up themselves.Wash carefully […]

Thank you to the school from Germany that choosed Gourmetaly for their leisure time in Rome!  

The flour is a food product from the milling of the cereals, usually wheat or corn but also barley, spelled, rice, oats, rye, kamut and many others. When in a recipe, we read the word “flour” we’d wonder which kind of flour the recipe is talking about. If no type is specified, usually would be […]

The ones that already enjoyed our Espresso & Gleato tour already know this! Gelato and ice-cream are not the same. Different in taste, ingredients and quantity of fats and air inside, gelato is considered a really healthy food. Did you know? during summer season Roman people love to substitute the enire lunch with a big […]

This dish is a real Roman invention. If you joined our food tour you already learned that roman cuisine is really simple but delicious. Boil tonnarelli (or spaghetti if you do not find fresh handmade pasta), in a big amount of water, until chewy “al dente”, remember that is always better to remove spaghetti from […]