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Foodies from all over the world! the season for delicious puntarelle just started in Rome! Join our tour and learn everything about this delicious side dish available only in Rome city and surroundings. Clean the puntarelle by pulling away vertically the external part and you will soon see how the young leaves curl up themselves.Wash carefully […]

Roman saltimbocca” (veal slices with ham and sage) take two slices of veal per person. Sprinkle over some salt and place on each slice  a raw of ham and a sage leaf. Roll up the veal and close it with a toothpick. take a large pan and put some olive oil in then make it […]

Visit with us  a celebrated fresh fruit and vegetable market by day, meet incredible people working there like Emanuele and Ginna, Franca and Riccardo. Snoop around the market with us and learn everything about Roman style food and ingredients, tasting stunning water buffalo mozzarella cheese and salami.

Weather was great today! perfect for a walk and a nice gelato tasting!

Come down to us from distant Mesopotamia, figs are sweet fruits and delicate flavor, rich in nutrients and very versatile in the kitchen, which lend themselves to endless combinations of sweet and savory. Good to taste paired with cheeses or meats, are at their best when they are used as an ingredient for cakes, pies […]

giovedì gnocchi……thursday is gnocchi day! Did you know? in Rome we like to eat special recipes in special weekdays. Thursday is the day for Gnocchi, a delicious recipe that, apart from being typically Roman, is also characteristic of a certain popular and genuine cooking. For 6 persons you’l need 2 Kg of potatoes, boil them […]

To respect the physiological time of the fruits and vegetables means eating foods high in nutritional value, not only, this allows us to take vitamins and minerals in the correct way according to the seasons. Italian summer is very hot and makes it necessary to take foods rich in water and fiber, such as raw […]

When in Rome and the thermometer indicates 40 degrees celsius, the best thing to do is drown in a wonderful homemade ice cream Italian style! In the summer it is very nice to substitute the entire lunch with a gelato, a Healthy, tasty and light food, that with its freshness and gaiety of colors is […]