Like many of Italy’s most delicious recipes,mozzarella in carrozza (“mozzarella in a carriage”) has humble origins too.  The idea came from the custom among less well-off families, who could not afford to waste food, to use up stale bread and no-longer fresh mozzarella in a new and tasty dish. Over time the recipe for mozzarella […]

5th March 2014 in Berlin at Hard Rock Cafè.What a night! Gourmetaly won the award for Raising Star category. Many thanks to, that honoured us with this award, to Gourmetaly Staff that provieded the best experience possible to all our guests, to all our providers of great food in Rome, and to all our foodie-travelers […]

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The flour is a food product from the milling of the cereals, usually wheat or corn but also barley, spelled, rice, oats, rye, kamut and many others. When in a recipe, we read the word “flour” we’d wonder which kind of flour the recipe is talking about. If no type is specified, usually would be […]

To respect the physiological time of the fruits and vegetables means eating foods high in nutritional value, not only, this allows us to take vitamins and minerals in the correct way according to the seasons. Italian summer is very hot and makes it necessary to take foods rich in water and fiber, such as raw […]

This dish is a real Roman invention. If you joined our food tour you already learned that roman cuisine is really simple but delicious. Boil tonnarelli (or spaghetti if you do not find fresh handmade pasta), in a big amount of water, until chewy “al dente”, remember that is always better to remove spaghetti from […]

Ricotta cheese cake: one of the most beloved dessert by Roman people. If you’d like to challenge with this , result would be amazing! prepare the usual shortcrust pastry with 300 gr of flour, 150 gr butter, 2 eggyyalks and grated rind of 1/2 lemon. mix ingredients and let them rest for an hour. in […]

If you already joined this tour you probably remember the delicious pasta recipe we had together: bucatino alla matricana. There are many version of this, one is connected to the legend of the origin of the recipe. Someone says that this recipe was born in Amatrice, a small town on the border with Abruzzo Lazio. […]