Come down to us from distant Mesopotamia, figs are sweet fruits and delicate flavor, rich in nutrients and very versatile in the kitchen, which lend themselves to endless combinations of sweet and savory. Good to taste paired with cheeses or meats, are at their best when they are used as an ingredient for cakes, pies […]

giovedì gnocchi……thursday is gnocchi day! Did you know? in Rome we like to eat special recipes in special weekdays. Thursday is the day for Gnocchi, a delicious recipe that, apart from being typically Roman, is also characteristic of a certain popular and genuine cooking. For 6 persons you’l need 2 Kg of potatoes, boil them […]

This dish is a real Roman invention. If you joined our food tour you already learned that roman cuisine is really simple but delicious. Boil tonnarelli (or spaghetti if you do not find fresh handmade pasta), in a big amount of water, until chewy “al dente”, remember that is always better to remove spaghetti from […]

Ricotta cheese cake: one of the most beloved dessert by Roman people. If you’d like to challenge with this , result would be amazing! prepare the usual shortcrust pastry with 300 gr of flour, 150 gr butter, 2 eggyyalks and grated rind of 1/2 lemon. mix ingredients and let them rest for an hour. in […]

“Guanciale” is derived from the cheek and part of the neck of a pig that has at least 9 months and its uniqueness lies in the fact that externally is seasoned with salt and pepper and often with garlic, sage and rosemary. the meat is left to mature for at least three months: in this […]

You don’t need to be a Masterchef to delight your guests with this simple delicious recipe! The secret is choosing fresh ingredients: Tomatoes, mozzarella (buffalo’s mozzarella or classic one) , basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Presentation of the ingredients in the dish is up to your creativity but we suggest you to follow few […]

La panzanella (tomato toast). This recipe is so simple to prepare as the “bruschetta”.Take a slice of home-made bread, moisten with some water, open a fresh red tomato and rub it over the bread. Let the juice be absorbed by the bread. Add some olive oil on top, salt and a few basil leaves. This […]

If you already joined this tour you probably remember the delicious pasta recipe we had together: bucatino alla matricana. There are many version of this, one is connected to the legend of the origin of the recipe. Someone says that this recipe was born in Amatrice, a small town on the border with Abruzzo Lazio. […]

To make 12 supplì, mix 200 gr (7 onces) of boiled rice with some sauce (meat free to cook it at Jewish style), 3 spoons of grated parmesan cheese. Make a supplì into egg-shaped balls using your hands (in the palm). introduce a little cube of mozzarella cheese in the middle. Now beat a whole […]

Calling Foodies from all over the world! This is surely one of the Super-roman recipes. Zucchini Flower season just started guys! For all of you that have had the chance to join our food tour of Rome in the last two weeks, and for all the other lovers of roman cuisine, we have the pleasure […]