Impossible to leave Rome without tasting Pasta alla Carbonara. Absolutely impossible to approach one done with bacon instead of guanciale (pork cheek meat) and Parmigiano instead of Pecorino Romano (or at least in more quantity then pecorino). Absolutely prohibited to taste a Carbonara dish with strings of melted cheese or visible egg (like crumbled eggs) in. […]

Are you missing Rome and its flavours? try to make an amazing sorbet at your home, following this recipe: 250 gr (8,81849 oz) seasonal fruit (better if organic) 125 ml (0,528344 cups) water (from bottle) 5 ml (0,0211338 cups) lemon juice (fresh) 70 gr (2,46918 oz) white sugar 55 gr (1,94007 oz) brown sugar Blend […]

An easy recipe for an impressive dish that can be prepared in advance for a great dinner with guests! Gnocchi always scare a lot of people, because it’s said that they’re not easy to make, but these Gnocchi are not like those made with potatoes or ricotta but are made with semolina flour so it’s […]

The dish has ancient origins, although it was largely popularized by the 1911 publication of Il Giornalino di Gian Burrasca and by its television version, in which Rita Pavone sang the well-known song “Viva la pappa col pomodoro” 500 g (about 2 cups) peeled tomatoes, chopped 250 g (about 1/2 lb) stale bread (preferably Tuscan […]

A marvel of simplicity, pesto is a celebrated treasure of Mediterranean cuisine. If you’re lucky enough to experience this jewel of Liguria, sitting comfortably on the terrace of a local restaurant in any village by the sea, it would be unforgettable, dream-like even. Ingredients: 100 gm of fresh Genovese basil. 30 gm pine nuts 60 […]

This classic northern Italian recipe is a great way to serve aubergines. By layering them with Parmesan and tomatoes and then baking them you get an absolutely moreish, scrumptious vegetable dish. Ingredients 2 pounds (about 2 medium-sized) eggplant Salt 4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1/4 chopped fresh basil leaves 2 cups Basic Tomato Sauce, recipe […]

Like many of Italy’s most delicious recipes,mozzarella in carrozza (“mozzarella in a carriage”) has humble origins too.  The idea came from the custom among less well-off families, who could not afford to waste food, to use up stale bread and no-longer fresh mozzarella in a new and tasty dish. Over time the recipe for mozzarella […]

Try to make a vegan tiramisu that do not involves eggs, mascarpone or animal ingredients for your ethical friends.   Ingredients for the cream: -400 Grams of velvety tofu -300 Ml vegetable cream -3 Tablespoons rum -Espresso coffee -dark cocoa or cinnamon For the biscuits: -350 Grams of flour -20 Grams of potato starch -80 […]

Le Ciambelline di nonna! (Nonna’s ciambelline) This simple but tasty cookie is  typical of the Roman hills, where they are called “ubriachelle” (drunk). Ciambelline do not contain yeast and ingredients are only of plant origin, so no butter, milk and eggs. Despite this, the wine donuts maintain a nice crispness.       Ingredients: 200 milliliters […]

If you ask a Roman guy which are the first three traditional roman-style dishes, 99% will answer: – Bucatini Amatriciana (or Amatriciana) – Tonnarelli cheese and pepper – Spaghetti Carbonara   Origin of this famous and delicious recipe is unknown, the most accepted legend relative to spaghetti carbonara refers to the history of a Carbonaro […]