A splash of olive oil on your dish, a fragrant touch, an ancestral gesture connected to family history. The golden thread that links the history of each Italian family with a thousand-year tradition, a cultural, gastronomic and emotional heritage that we want to preserve and recover. Is oil a dressing or a food? Quality oil plays a […]

If you come to Rome on Fridays do not miss to the famed baccalà(fried cod fillets) . Inexpensive, delicious, a favorite of locals, the baccalà fillets are served wrapped in paper. Ingredients: 1 1/2 pounds dried salt cod 1 cup flour mineral water vegetable oil (or other oil for frying) Rinse the baccalà, fillets, the place […]

Traditionally, porchetta is  a nose to tail affair, in which a whole pig is deboned and roasted on a spit. This was probably not the most practical option for those hoping for a taste of Rome closer to home:))))   A rectangular piece of boneless pork belly and a piece of pork loin of roughly […]

Like many of Italy’s most delicious recipes,mozzarella in carrozza (“mozzarella in a carriage”) has humble origins too.  The idea came from the custom among less well-off families, who could not afford to waste food, to use up stale bread and no-longer fresh mozzarella in a new and tasty dish. Over time the recipe for mozzarella […]

Did you know that in Rome we like to eat special food in special days? From a writer of the 1907 we know that this list was really popular already. Discover which recipes are most popular in Rome according to our Nonna’s teachings. 1st January: Lentils and grapes Carnival/Shrove Tueday: flat fried pastries and ravioli […]

Le Ciambelline di nonna! (Nonna’s ciambelline) This simple but tasty cookie is  typical of the Roman hills, where they are called “ubriachelle” (drunk). Ciambelline do not contain yeast and ingredients are only of plant origin, so no butter, milk and eggs. Despite this, the wine donuts maintain a nice crispness.       Ingredients: 200 milliliters […]

If you ask a Roman guy which are the first three traditional roman-style dishes, 99% will answer: – Bucatini Amatriciana (or Amatriciana) – Tonnarelli cheese and pepper – Spaghetti Carbonara   Origin of this famous and delicious recipe is unknown, the most accepted legend relative to spaghetti carbonara refers to the history of a Carbonaro […]

The artichoke is the “prince” of Roman cuisine and definitely deserves a special praise this season. many plants, known since ancient times, have spread to a double value, the food and the medicine, as in the case of the artichoke. Beloved variety by Romans are the typical Roman artichokes, named “Cimaroli”, typical ones that come […]

  Experience one of the most popular Roman-jewish recipes, a simple pie made with endive, fresh anchovies fillets, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper. wash and clean the endive and select tender part of the plant. Choose a oven pan and make layers of endive leaves and anchovies, salt and pepper until you […]

September in Rome: summer is almost over and Nature give us a present, figs. A delicious, black-skin fig that comes only in this period. Take some sliced fresh homemade bread and put some slices of prosciutto together with fig to discover an incredible match od sweet and salt. Pane, prosciutto e fichi or Pizza prosciutto […]